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HO Drag Proxy Summer Series 2020 Finale 2020 RACE REPORT

congratulations to the Top Qualifiers.
great looking bunch of cars.
good luck everyone and thanks for having us Yanks!
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Welcome Al Wavegreen 

Nostalgia Funny Car 4-Gear qualifying took place before breakfast...


That was a debut TQ for the Mickey Thompson Pontiac, with Clive's 'Cuda not far behind...


You will notice that Alan's Chevy is omitted from the results. The race officials looked long and hard at this. The 'Grumpy's Toy' Camaro is part of the Auto World Legends range, but is a 3-Gear Xtraction car - potentially much faster than the 4-Gears. The car ran in qualifying and was in a class of its own (sub-0.700s all the way - quickest 0.662). The decision of the officials was to reinforce the 4-Gear-only entry requirements for this race. However, 'Grumpy's Toy' will be match-racing the Dick Landy Dodge Challenger on Thursday and there is growing support for a 3-Gear '1970 Pro-Stock' match-racing category during the Winter Series...


Here are the Qualifying results for Top Fuel...


It was close, but Clive's last run clinched Top Qualifier spot for the Antron Brown dragster...


Just the NHRA Funny Car & Pro Stock 4-Gear qualifying to go.
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A superb TQ performance by Pete and Jerome with their JR Todd Funny Car!


That top five looks pretty close - it should be an exciting race on Thursday... and maybe a seven-way battle for NHRA honours if Alan and Rebecca's pit crews do their stuff.

That's it until the Micro Scalextric racing this evening. It'll go something like this...

Wednesday evening

6pm Micro Scalextric Experimental match-racing Round 1
6.30 Micro Scalextric Super Stock eliminators
7.30 Micro Scalextric Experimental match-racing Rounds 2 & 3
8.30-10 Micro Scalextric Street Stock eliminators
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The first match-racing of the season finale saw three pairs of experimental Micro Scalextric cars take to the track. Andy, Dave, Alan and Clive all had Winter Series spec Super Stock 6.0 cars, Bill pitted his 3-ohm Micro Scalextric Pro Mod against Rose's 2019 My First Scalextric car.


Andy's Nissan beat Dave's stocker by 0.020 seconds - Andy clocking 0.481 and 10.788 mph. Dave's figures were 0.507 ET and 10.813 mph through the speed traps.

Bill's Camaro was sensational! An ET of 0.387 and 12.5 mph, beat the Micro set car by 0.091 - Rose setting a 0.477 and 10.227 mph.


The wheelie bar on Clive's updated Brighton Rocks stocker was a smidgen too low, meaning Alan was long gone by the time the pick car got off the line. Alan won by 0.068 seconds with a 0.622 and 7.670 to Clive's 0.646 and 8.239.

Rounds 2 and 3 are after the Super Stock eliminators.
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Micro Scalextric Super Stock eliminators

Eight cars made things very easy - quarters, semis and a final.


Top Qualifier Iain got off to a solid start, beating Leo by 0.128 seconds. In the closest match-up, fifth qualifier Al beat fourth qualifier Andy Player by 0.018 - and that scuppered Andy's title challenge. Rebecca beat Hank by 0.071.


Andy Phillips has a reputation as a giant killer and it was Alan's Hot Mustard that was on the receiving end this time. A below-par run - despite a good warm-up - for the Jaguar meant Andy's Mini was through the line with 0.053 seconds to spare.


The first semi-final saw Al's ET improve from the first round and Iain's slip back a bit. It was enough for a shock win for the Pennsylvania Nissan - by 0.018 seconds. The curse of the Super Stock top qualifier strikes again!

In the second semi, Andy's Mini was quickest off the line...


... and he managed to get to the line 0.020 seconds in front of the second qualifier. That was the end of Rebecca's slim championship hopes.

An unexpected final line-up and a guaranteed first-time race winner. Which one would it be?


The two cars were off the line together and it looked really close. Al's Nissan just kept accelerating and pulled out a 0.017 gap as they crossed the line...


Huge congratulations to Al on his win. Tough luck for Andy - it was so nearly a magical end to the series for him. And congrats to Alan, who takes the Super Stock championship.


Here's the full Super Stock ladder...


There'll be a video of the final later this evening.
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in only my second event with you guys.
I am not worthy.
good close racing.
thank you for having us Yanks join your racing.
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The Nissan was super-consistent through eliminators Al. It did what needed to be done!

Here's the video of that final run...

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The second round of the Micro Scalextric match races saw Andy wrap up a 2-0 win, beating Dave by 0.027 of a second. Andy's ET was 0.462 and hit 10.788 mph through the speed trap. Dave went sub-0.500 with a 0.491 and 10.813 mph.


Bill went sub-0.400 yet again with his 3.0-ohm Micro Pro Mod. His 0.392 and 12.500 mph beat Rose's 0.483 and 10.958. This is what it looked like...

Result: 2-0 to Bill.

Clive got revenge against Alan to take their match to a decider. Clive also went sub-0.500 with a 0.475 and 11.534 to Alan's 0.583 and 8.523. Both cars seemed to be loosening nicely, but the winning margin was a big 0.110 seconds.


It was a quick turn around and another swap of lanes for the decider. Alan's car is beginning to get into the Super Stock 6.0 ballpark with a 0.513 and 10.227 mph. Clive went quicker - a 0.474 and 10.813 mph. However, Alan more than halved the deficit from round two - 0.045 seconds. Clive wins 2-1.

Well done to our winners - and thank you to all six racers for the show.

That sets us up nicely for the marathon Micro Scalextric  Street Stock eliminator...
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Micro Scalextric Street Stock Eliminators - Round 1

Twenty-three cars meant a bye for top qualifier Jane in the first round. She decided to run and banged in a no-pressure 0.617 to intimidate the rest of the field.


The second tie was an all-American race between Al in the Veyron and Dave in the stocker - twelfth vs thirteenth qualifiers. It was a close one - and a minor upset - Dave winning by 0.014 with an ET of 0.719. Fellow Nitro Slots regular Hank defeated Pete by 0.071 and Gareth beat David 0.065 in the battle of the Aston Martins.

It was all going comfortably to form so far, third qualifier Alan beating 22nd qualifier Dylan P by 0.144 seconds - Alan's 0.619 ET quick enough for Jane to take notice.


Doug nearly surprised Rebecca, but the Porsche prevailed by 0.029 seconds, having made up plenty of ground in the final stages. Clive had an easy run to beat Andy Player by 0.100 seconds. Next up were Jerome and Andy Phillips...


Jerome had qualified ninth and Andy sixteenth, but it was probably no surprise to anyone to see Andy's hatchback cross the line 0.029 ahead of the Veyron. A 0.675 second ET was a big improvement on qualifying yet again. Clive ought to be worried for Round Two.

The second half of the ladder started with second qualifier Bill, who would get a bye if he reached the semis. He dispatched Jeremy in Round One by 0.110 seconds, although his ET of 0.646 was nothing to write home about.


Noah vs Leo looked like a close race on paper, but the winning margin of 0.046 went the youngster's way. Noah would be the Chesterfield representative in the second round. Laura had a fairly comfortable 0.047 second win against Iain, although the Porsche improved from qualifying - clocking a 0.710 run.


Finally, Sue squeaked past Dylan W - she needed a quick 0.671 to beat the former finalist by 0.028. As I predicted, Sue beat Jerome and Pete with her hand-me-down Audi TT Rofl

Here are all the stats from Round One...


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