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Woodland Trace Raceway

It's been far too long since I've posted any new photographs to this thread. The track has not changed much since my last post, but the sharp-eyed amongst you may notice some small differences in some photos. Mostly, these are photos of cars that have not been photographed before or different perspectives on the track. I hope you enjoy perusing these pics...

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A few more...

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Great photos, as always, and an honour for the site to appear on your barriers.
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I'm glad you like the SlotRacer Online banners Jason. I took the liberty of alternating the color scheme. I'd hoped you wouldn't mind.

Here are a few more pics I took today...

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If this unfortunate driver needs to know where to go to improve his driving skills... well, the sign beside him should give him some clue.

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Wow! Great attention to detail... can you tell me how you added the Shell signage to the guard rail? That looks perfect!
Also, how you made the Dunlop bridge?

The 4th picture above in the collage, with the Dunlop bridge, is very nostalgic of Sebring (I know theirs is not Dunlop) - looks fantastic, and Slotracer signage is great - THANK YOU!!

Love the pics of the Classic British sportscars on track, thanks for the update.


That is just awesome! How many figures in that grandstand?

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