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Carrera Lap counter review

I'm using Safari.

I did email hime and he is out of stock!!

However, he expects some more next week and will bill me !!

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Thanks for the review - and a reminder that simple solutions can be the best. 

The Carrera bridge timer and the Ninco N-Scorer are both very nice pieces of kit and - with a little attention to height etc - will work across all scales. They are so versatile, pretty easy to use and extremely portable.

An alternative I use these days is a lap counting app on a phone or tablet. I use LapTracker and love its  simplicity for one or two car racing - perfect for testing or a rally stage. I’ve also been playing with the RC Timing app, which is a bit more complicated, but supports multi-car racing. There are various other options for Apple and Android devices. The lap timing apps that use the camera are what works with slot cars.
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Andy    re  the  app  I've  had a few issues  with  colour  of  the  car    causing  miscounts .
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Yes, I'm finding that a problem with the RC Timing app - and I guess it will be an issue with other apps that work on colour recognition. However, LapTracker works differently, focusing on a 'lane' - more like the Carrera and Ninco bridges - and has excellent fine-tuning features. After I mastered the set-up, I haven't noticed any miscounts over hundreds - or probably thousands - of laps of single car running. Two-lane counting with LapTracker requires careful placement of the device - preferably above the track.

I had one of those on a Carrera "Profi" track which is wider than Go! but not as wide as Evolution.
We had a lot of problems with sunlight: If the sun shone directly on the track and someone walked passed it would count a lap.

It also sometimes missed if the car's color was too dark or if the car went too fast (Go! cars with magnets at 16 volts at the end of a 2 meter straight probably not ideal...)

I have been very happy with ARC (all flavors). If you can get the guide to work it has never missed  a beat...

I got mine this morning. The instructions are in Chinglish and contain a few errors about the operation but, as ever, I just hand the instructions to Ronnie and she tells me how to work it!

It obviously doesn't help that it is designed to sit under plastic track. As it just sits on top of my wooden one, the height of the sensors is a problem as is the colour of the car. Dark blue cars cause a problem!! However, some slight adjustments in position fixed most of the problems. Passing a hand under it registers reliably though.

Overall, I reckon it's great value for money and does what I want it for which is just to tell me what actually is fastest rather than relying on what feels fastest.

The happy news is that my 32nd scale entry for Bordo in December is fastest and it blows the Thunderslot McLaren into the weeds Bigsmile
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(18th-Sep-20, 06:24 PM)Grah1 Wrote:  What browser  have  you Gordon  I'm   using  chrome it  translates most  languages .

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