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Team Slot Lancia Delta HF San Remo 1987


Team Slot 12905 Lancia Delta HF 4WD Grifone Esso Team - San Remo 1987 - Fabrizio Tabaton / Luciano Tedeschini. Available October 2020. RRP £55.95

Team Slot have just announced a third rally racing livery (plus the test car and the road car) on their lovely Lancia Delta HF 4WD - and it'll be the black and gold Grifone Esso car that Fabrizio Tabaton drove to fifth place at the 1987 Rallye Sanremo. Although there are no pictures from Team Slot as yet, we are reliably informed the model will come equipped with the light pod at the front...


Here are a couple of pictures of a diecast model to see what to expect...


Staffs Slot Cars UK are expecting the new car to arrive in early October - so there's not long to wait. It is available to pre-order now at MRE.
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That is good news!

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...  I've got a blank space..
Hopefully Steve has got the Russel Brookes car in the pipe-line :-)


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Hoping to add some pics of the Team Slot car over the next few days - so keep an eye on the thread...
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(18th-Sep-20, 10:31 AM)Scuderia_Turini Wrote:  Hopefully Steve has got the Russel Brookes car in the pipe-line :-)

It's on top of my wish list.

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As promised, here's a picture...


The cars will be shipped from Barcelona next Monday Thumbup
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Here's some more pics of the car from Team Slot...



And some cockpit detail...


Staffs Slot Cars UK have confirmed the cars are due to arrive from Spain next week and will be with retailers asap. The code is TS-12905 and the RRP is £55.95.

MRE and Top Slots & Trains have the car available for pre-order now.
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The car is with retailers now. Some SlotRacer Online members have added it to their collections already (see here).

I've also noticed those retailers have been restocked with other recent-ish Team Slot models that have been out of stock for a while.
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The Rallye San Remo 1987 Lancia Delta HF 4WD of Fabrizio Tabaton in action on the Trio Track.

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