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Palmer Divide Raceways

Palmer Divide has always been one of my all-time favorites - in all it's evolutions!
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I've been rebuilding my timing setup a bit.  The original light bridge (built 3 track versions ago!), was way too tall and never looked very good to my eyes.  Part of it is that I used to have enough light to not need one for my computerized lap timing.  I'd still like to not have one, but just don't have enough ambient light to make it work.

So, the plan was to build a lower one, change the design of it, and maybe add an area for a TV crew up top.

After all the track builds (I really need to stop moving...), I had a bunch of bass and balsa wood in my scrap box as I tend to recycle things.  The new timing bridge has wood that goes back to my first pit structure I'd built in 2002, the footbridge on layout #2 from about 2007, and a bunch of other stuff thrown in for good measure.

While not yet decorated or completely weathered yet, it works well, the lighting is suitable to get reliable laps, and looks a bit better than the original, slab-sided version.



More to come!
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