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Palmer Divide Raceways

Looking absolutely superb David!!
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I managed to get some work done today: started with the plaster cloth along the new fascia, filling gaps in the table, repairing some scenic base, and planting fence posts and guard rails.  

I also began unboxing some of the scenery - buildings and the like.  






Need to get more plaster cloth and static grass, but hope to start throwing down some paint and texture this week.
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It's amazing how the scenic bits and bobs start to bring it all to life.
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Looking Good David!!
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Your track comes to life.
Looks like a guy was on the brakes too late in the first picture. Time Bigsmile 

rallyhub Thumbup
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Finally had some time and was able to put a top coat on the plaster cloth and then threw some paint at it.  

Unpacked a few more scenic items and just got my shipment of static grass.

Need to cobble up an IR cable for my timing system and then I'll really start on the turf, fencing, and spectators. 

I did run about a 100 laps today after cleaning up the man cave.  Woohoo!


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Nice looking track!  Thumbup

May I suggest making a custom "pillow car-catcher" at the end of the long straight? Some of those 40k NSR motors are crazy!  Ambulance

What do you mean think outside the box? Where did you even get a box? Where's my box?

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