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HO Drag Proxy 1-2 September 2020 RACE REPORT

Micro Scalextric Super Stock eliminators

Iain had been on the receiving end of some banter overnight - could he overcome the curse of the top qualifier in Super Stock? He had a bye in the first round and watched on as Andy Player scraped past Clive by 0.009 of a second, passing the pink ‘Brighton Rocks’ on the line...


Al comfortably got past Leo’s ‘Dads Taxi’ by 0.099 seconds and Alan beat Hank by 0.068.


The big shock of the first round was a sensational win for Andy Phillips, beating the June winner Rebecca by 0.062 seconds. The Sanditon Motorsport Nissan misfired badly and urgently needs a rebuild...


It was a tough second round for Iain and a very close finish - almost too close to call. The JAGS Jag was away from the line first, but Andy’s Nissan was closing in at the line - 0.011 was the difference... Iain was through to the semis, where he’d meet Al, who had a bye. In the bottom half of the ladder, Alan beat Andy Phillips by 0.031, but it was a good run for the Mini - a 0.709 to Alan’s 0.682. That put Alan straight through to the final.

So far the eliminations had gone to form - we had the top three qualifiers left. First and second met to decide who would face Alan in the final...


It was another tough race for Iain. The Jag got off the line first, but the Philly Nissan matched it for pace for the entire strip. As they crossed the line, the win light came on for the right lane - Al had sneaked through 0.008 seconds ahead - his 0.667 ET also better than Iain’s 0.681. The curse of the TQ strikes again!


The final was a tasty Transatlantic showdown and promised to be close - Al and Alan’s ETs had been very similar.


However, there were gasps from the crowd when Al’s Nissan got loose off the line and he was left desperately pedalling to regain traction.


Alan’s Hot Mustard Jag was gone - a win by 0.065 seconds, his ET 0.663 to Al’s 0.723...


Here's how it happened...

Disappointment for Al, but he’ll be back next time.

Congrats to Alan and Hot Mustard for back-to-back wins in Super Stock...


Here is the full Super Stock ladder...

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Match Racing - Round 3


The decider between David and Rebecca was a cracker. The Shirley Muldowney Mustang was away just a little quicker, but it was neck and neck between the two cars. The King Fish ‘Cuda just couldn’t match the Bounty Huntress’ pace over the final foot - Rebecca took the win by 0.015 and the match two to one. An exciting race, but not particularly quick - a 0.949 to 0.964.


The deciding Top Fuel round was also an absolute humdinger - Clive getting off the line well, but Andy chasing him down - they crossed the line together, Clive awarded a 0.001 second holeshot win and taking the match 2-1... Clive’s ET was 0.750 and Andy’s 0.743.


This is how it looked...

A fabulous climax to the match racing. Anyone else got a Top Fueler so we can do a full ladder at the end of the month season finale?
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Micro Scalextric Street Stock Eliminator - Round One

Qualifying had been close for the 22-car field and some surprises were to be expected in the first round. Top qualifier Jane crusied past Dylan P, but then the shocks started…


Andy Phillips is making a habit of knocking out some big guns - this time it was Alan’s Audi. The sixth place qualifier fell to the seventeenth by just 0.001 of a second.


Next to go was seventh place qualifier Iain, comfortably beaten by Pete (16). Bill survived unscathed against Leo, but then Noah (13) beat Jerome (10) in a classic midfield battle - the margin 0.018 seconds...


Clive had no problems against Andy Player, but Al (9) was pipped to the post by Dave (14)...


The bottom end of the ladder was a little calmer - Hank, Laura and Gareth going through, but Rebecca (12) beat Dylan W (11) and Gareth needed a re-run against Doug after a dead heat.


Here are all the stats for the first round...


After all that excitement, it was time for a breather and a visit from the health & safety inspector...

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Street Stock Round Two

Round Two saw a bye run for Jane and she clocked a 0.630. Then the excitement cranked up again…


Andy Philips looked to have the better of Pete’s Audi TT - it was all a question of whether he could hang on. The crowd held their breath as the Audi closed in and took the finish 0.010 seconds ahead. That was quite a race!


Bill dispatched Noah by 0.056 seconds, with a quick 0.658 ET. Clive’s Audi R8 was too quick for Dave - winning by 0.045 and an ET of 0.664.


Bill and Clive were quicker than Hank, who beat Rebecca by 0.036 and Laura, who beat Gareth by 0.032 seconds. The remaining six racers were all in with a chance, although Pete was definitely the outsider.

Here are the stats for Round Two...

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Street Stock Rounds 3 & 4


Round Three started with a comfortable win for Jane, beating Pete by 0.093 seconds, their ETs 0.618 and 0.700 seconds. Jane was back near her scintillating qualifying pace of yesterday.


Bill and Clive served up a classic - side-by-side down the strip, Clive just edged it by 0.012 seconds at the finish line sensors. Clive’s ET was 0.639 and Bill’s 0.653.


The winner of the race between Hank and Laura would go straight to the final. Second qualifier lined up against fourth qualifier - and our winner last month. This one was all about the start… It was Laura’s Aston Martin that got a 0.007 second jump on Hank’s stocker and that was the gap right down the strip - the winning margin for Laura 0.011 seconds. Laura’s ET was 0.674 and Hank’s 0.678.


Who would meet Laura in the final? Clive was hopeful, but Jane’s Nissan was just too quick. The winning margin 0.017 - Clive running a 0.642, but Jane’s 0.624 was a near perfect pass.

Here are the stats...


That gives two previous winners in the final, both running hand-me-down machinery. Which one will become a two-time Street Stock winner? We’ll find out in about half an hour….
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Street Stock Final


The final was over very quickly. Laura got the slightly better start...


...but Jane’s Nissan powered down the strip in 0.627 seconds.


Laura’s Aston simply couldn’t match that pace. Her ET was 0.677 and the winning margin a clear 0.048 seconds...


This is what happened...

Congratulations to Jane on her second Street Stock victory - one with the Nissan and one with the Veyron!


That's it for the action on the strip. The full Street Stock ladder will follow soon...
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And here's that ladder...


Click on the image to make it bigger Thumbup
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Wow...have just come off the World Wide Slot Car Chat session to this news!  Checkeredflag

We had to try something following a less than successful last race meeting, so we fitted the slightly larger diameter Super Tires to the car. That seems to have added a bit more speed without hurting the getaway. But it might not have worked out like that...

Thanks for organising again Woodcote. Who knows, we might even try some of the other classes if I can get my head round the ohms and gears.

I love puttering with gears
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Congratulations again to our three class winners - and a very big thank you to everyone who sent cars to the race.

Over the next few days, I shall be putting everything together in the South Coast HO Dragster fanzine and be preparing the return boxes. There will be some Brighton national Speed Trials goodies, some 'flame' stencils from Bill (as seen on his Pro Mod Camaro), some useful Micro parts from Alan, plus some resin body prizes from Clive and the Nitro Slots crew.

I'm also happy to announce that the end of season finale will take place over three days...
  • Tuesday 29 September - Qualifying (six classes) and exhibition runs
  • Wednesday 30 September - Micro Scalextric Street Stock & Super Stock eliminators + Micro 6.0 match racing
  • Thursday 1 October - T-Jet Nostalgia, Nostalgia 4-Gear Funny Car, Top Fuel & NHRA Funny Car / Pro Stock 4-Gear eliminators
Should be a lot of fun!
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Thanks again to Andy & Rebecca for running these events for us all to enjoy. Not forgetting Rosy for keeping an eye on the health and safety aspect  Rofl.
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