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HO Drag Proxy 1-2 September 2020 RACE REPORT

Tomorrow's another day.

I love puttering with gears
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Congratulations to Clive and Jane for their consistency and speed respectively. All I have to do now is figure out why all of my cars were slower than they were last month?
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Yay!  Very chuffed to get 'Best in Show' for Dad's Taxi.  I thought the flames suited it well. I find it frustrating that a full re-paint is compromised by the windows needing to be masked - I don't think I could do that successfully.


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Coverage will start at 5.30pm this evening with the Top Fuel match races carried over from last night - plus the exhibition runs. Then something like...

6pm (UK time) - T-Jet Nostalgia Super Stock eliminators
6.15pm - Match Racing Round 2
6.45pm - Micro Scalextric Super Stock eliminators
8pm - Match Racing Round 3
8.30-9.30pm - Micro Scalextric Street Stock eliminators
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Carried over from last night were the NHRA Top Fuel match races...


Dylan and Noah renewed their fraternal rivalry, with Noah taking the first round by 0.067 in the Optima dragster. His ET was 0.751 to Dylan's 0.821 in the Alanabi dragster.

Clive's new Antron Brown Matco Tools dragster took the first race against Andy's FRAM dragster by 0.023 seconds - 0.746 to 0.763.

Either side of the dragsters we had three pairs of exhibition runs...


First was Clive's lovely Austin on a hot pancake chassis. I'd like to hear more about it - the car ran 0.646 and 0.591, with 8.207 mph recorded at the end of the second run.


Bill's Pro Mod Camaro looked sensational and was very rapid on the modified 3-ohm Micro Scalextric chassis. It ran 0.411 and 0.408, with 11.364 mph recorded both times. The mechanicals are probably too esoteric and too rapid for the strip (although it stopped fine in the shut down). However, I like the idea of the 4-Gear bodies on a Micro Scalextric chassis...


Next it was a run for a new 2019 9-volt Micro Scalextric car with the N20 mini can. Straight out of the My First Scalextric set, it ran 0.469 and 0.468 with 10.552 mph recorded. Swap the body for an old-school 4-Gear shell of your choice, do we have a relatively straightforward new Nostalgia class?
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T-Jet Nostalgia Super Stock eliminators

The T-Jets were the first cars to race this time. Eleven cars made it the biggest entry so far and qualifying had seen ten cars below 0.900 seconds. Maybe it wasn’t a surprise that we had a couple of upsets in a close first round…

Top qualifier Clive had a bye and clocked a steady (for him) 0.710. Next up, seventh qualifier Gareth beat sixth qualifier Dylan...


Andy (3) only just beat a fast-finishing David (10) by 0.046 seconds, but then Al (9) made the most of a disappointing start and run by Doug (4) for a debut win. Second qualifier Alan was comfortably through against Noah (11) and then Iain (8) beat Rebecca (5) by 0.176 seconds to give us another giant-killing...


The second round was more straightforward - Clive beating Gareth by 0.171 seconds and Andy beating Al by 0.117...


Those two winners would meet in the semi-final. In the bottom half of the ladder, Alan and Iain faced each other for an automatic place in the final...


The first half of the run was incredibly close - Alan’s non-mag Wiz-Jet getting far from perfect traction off the line. However, he picked up the pace and was through the finish line sensors 0.079 seconds ahead of Iain’s Chevy.


The customary semi between Clive’s Thunderbolt and Andy’s Dodge had a familiar outcome - a solid 0.766 for Andy and a rapid 0.696 for Clive. The winning margin was 0.076 seconds. Alan took the option of a free run and clocked an intimidating 0.712 to put some psychological pressure on Clive for the final.


There was certainly a buzz in the crowd and expectation of a close race.


Clive got the better start and stretched out a 0.044 gap by the top end of the strip.


He needed his fastest run of the day and the fastest speed to get the job done. Here's how it happened...


Congratulations to Clive and the T-Bolt on their fourth win and for wrapping up the Summer Series Nostalgia T-Jet championship title.

Here's the full ladder...

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Thumbup Great race Clive. I have been checking all my old t jets and finally found a 14 ohm arm (14.2) to be accurate, and if legal some early lightened gears     so watch out for the winter season. Cool Checkeredflag
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Match Racing Round 2


Starting with the Nostalgia Funny cars, David beat Rebecca by 0.073 to square their match -  a 0.872 for David and a 0.947 for Rebecca. Clive wrapped up a 2-0 match win by beating Doug - a very rapid 0.803 for the ‘Cuda and 1.008 for the Mustang...


The NHRA Funny Car and Pro Stock match also finished 2-0, with Jerome beating Alan by 0.192. The JR Todd Funny Car was on great form this month...


The Top Fuelers were back - Noah completing a 2-0 match win, his Optima dragster beating Dylan's Alanabi dragster by exactly the same margin as before - 0.067 seconds. Andy levelled his match, beating Clive by 0.056 - 0.746 to 0.813...


Finally, the 6-ohm Micro cars had their second round...


Dave closed out a 2-0 match win by beating Andy by 0.058 seconds - 0.496 to 0.511. Alan's Ferrari F40 got into the 0.500s clocking 0.591, but was no match for Rebecca’s 0.494 and a winning margin of 0.080 - another 2-0 match.

That gives us two deciding runs to look forward to a little later Thumbup
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Great racing guys & gals, the cars are getting faster.
The A40 is a resin shell mounted on an original Magnatraction chassis. It is running a 6 ohm mean green armature with Dash magnets. It is sitting on CNC machined alloy rims from Pro-Track.
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It's very nice  Thumbup
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