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Interesting Track Idea

I guess what each of us sees depends on what we are used to. And it is always easy to be horrified when we view something that doesn't fit our chosen paradigm.

I agree with Jason - what interests me is mixing aspects of analogue and digital race craft. There is the option to run two-lane 'pure analogue' in the inside and outside lanes or to be challenged by including the 'racing line' lane in either two or three-lane racing. That makes a very versatile and absorbing layout for me.

If I was about to route myself an analogue track, I would seriously consider this concept. The modular nature just adds to its versatility.

I think if you were designing a track specifically to race with three lanes, you wouldn't do it that way. I like squeezes but covering half the track with them is a different matter.

But if you wanted a two lane layout, with the versatility to offer other options, I think the idea is interesting.

This popped up on Facebook the other day, so is this a case of great minds thinking alike, or....?

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Laying out a ROC track on my daughters kitchen floor, for when I move into a 2 bedroom flat . The second bedroom is 12x7 foot, so I have 8x5 foot to build track on table .This how it’s looks so far . Lane 1 is 19 ft 
a lap , Lane 2 is 27 ft a lap , few missing track .

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The 3 lane looks great but i would be worried that all cars would spend a lot of time with rails under their tyres instead of track surface.

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