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HO Drag Proxy August 2020 RACE REPORT

There was only one match race that went to a third round - the Nostalgia Funny Car race between Doug's Blue Max and Rebecca's Bounty Huntress. Rebecca won the first round last night by 0.134 seconds and Doug had the second by 0.005 thanks to a hole shot win. From the start, it was neck-and-neck between the two Fords... until the half way mark. Then the Shirley Muldowney car pulled out a small gap - Rebecca taking the win by 0.042. Her ET was 0.837 and Doug's 0.874. Rebecca took the match 2-1 and will probably step up to face David next month...

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Micro Scalextric Street Stock - Round One

Just like last month, we had a 23-car field - giving us four rounds and a final. Top qualifier Alan had a bye in the first round and the smaller second half of the ladder would get a bye in the semis. With the top sixteen all dipping under 0.700 seconds in qualifying, Round One was bound to throw up some surprises.

Terry (thirteenth qualifier) beat Louise (12) and Noah (15) beat Rebecca (10). However, some big shocks came when Doug (18) beat Andy Phillips (7), Leo (16) beat Andy Player (9), Pete (17) beat Jason (8) and Gareth (20) sensationally knocked-out last month’s finalist Dylan (5). David and Jerome had a dead heat, with David (left) winning the re-run...


Some stats for you...

Alan (0.626) bye run

Terry (0.680) beat Louise (0.725) by 0.047 seconds

Iain (0.687) beat Dylan P (0.740) by 0.058

Doug (0.706) beat Andy Philips (0.733) by 0.027

Jane (0.631) beat Natasha (0.782) by 0.153

Noah (0.702) beat Rebecca (0.7160 by 0.011

Clive (0.634) beat Jeremy (0.734) by 0.101

Leo (0.724) beat Andy Player (0.757) by 0.038

Laura (0.643) beat Rosie (0.821) by 0.180

David (0.704) beat Jerome (0.715) by 0.015 after a dead heat

Gareth (0.660) beat Dylan W (0.676) by 0.019

Pete (0.695) beat Jason (0.699) by 0.005

And that gives us some equally tasty second round races.
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Round Two started with what looked like a routine run for Alan. However, the Audi R8 bogged down horribly after the start and remained sluggish. Terry managed his quickest run so far, his 0.679 just enough to beat Alan to the line by a mere 0.007 of a second and leave the crowd utterly gob-smacked...


Iain’s Porsche beat Doug by the same margin, with Jane comfortably through against Noah, clocking a 0.622 - the fastest time of the first two rounds. Clive’s Audi R8 registered a 0.627, beating Leo by 0.099 seconds.

In the bottom half of the ladder, Laura beat David by 0.031 seconds in the battle of the DBR9s, the winning ET 0.649. In the final race of the round, Gareth pipped WHO club mate Pete by another 0.007 second margin...


That means Gareth will face Laura for a place in the Final - to face either Terry, Iain, Clive or Jane.
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With Alan eliminated, everything was up for grabs in Round Three. Iain held off Terry by 0.006 seconds to book his place in the next round. The two cars were neck-and-neck down the strip.


The next race was even closer - and faster. Jane and Clive were both timed at 0.612, but Clive’s quicker reaction time gave him a win by 0.004 of a second. Last month’s winner is out...


The final third round race was between second qualifier Laura and twentieth qualifier Gareth - whose car has really come alive today! The DBS put in its quickest ET of the event (0.654), but fell short by just 0.005 seconds...


That puts Laura straight into the final.
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Who would meet Laura in the final? Fourth qualifier Clive was certainly the favourite, but Iain had battled his way this far. Iain’s Porsche set its best time of the event - a 0.646 - but Clive’s Audi put in another very rapid run (0.620) to win by 0.027 of a second.


It is going to be an exciting final round…
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It looks like the racers are really getting into the swing now with some extremely close races. Thumbup
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Although still reeling from Alan’s early elimination, we still had two very quick cars in the Final.


Looking at today’s times, Clive's Audi R8 LMS lined up as the favourite.


However, Laura’s DBR9 managed an almost perfect run from start to finish and Clive didn’t.


Behind from the start, there was nothing he could do to claw back the gap.


The winning margin was 0.027 seconds, Laura running a 0.621 - her best of the event - and Clive a 0.652.

Huge congratulations to Laura - a third different Street Stock winner in three races.

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And here's the full Street Stock ladder...


You'll definitely want to click on the image to make it bigger Thumbup

A big thank you to everyone who sent cars this time - it was another fun-filled couple of days of racing.

And a postscript on the American entries - Parcel Force are delivering them here on Friday Banghead
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Congratulations Laura Checkeredflag That was a flyer of a run.
That was a great shame that the Americans didn’t make it in time.
A massive thanks to Andy for all the work in putting on the races.
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Great series of races, especially in this heat, well done Andy and Rebecca. It is fascinating to see the way things work out. Last month and this it was a win for the girls using cars rejected by the boys. 

The engineer's report on the top qualifying Audi has found that the timing belt had slipped meaning that the turbo did not kick in at the start of its first competitive run.  Cool .
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