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Couple of parts wanted


Does anyone have any of the following:

4070 - Audo Quattro chassis
C050 - John Plkayer rear spoiler
C135 - Elf rear spoiler
???? Escort XR3i front bumper

Thanks in advance!

The most likely source for these parts would be Ebay as some sellers break cars and sell off the bits but sometimes you can find a complete but battered car that still has the bits you want which is cheaper than buying the spare parts.

 Did a quick search and found these but they aren't that cheap

An alternative for the Quattro could be a 3D printed chassis from Amato chassis design

This is the link to the PDF for his chassis list on Slotforum. Just click on the link for the PDF and it will download. 

His chassis work very well and are usually pretty easy to fit and should handle better than the original so the car will be faster.

Thanks for the links - I spoke to Angelo at Slotcar but unfortunately the chasis which they print is not compatible with the old original body. That's a real shame as I fancied the idea of a 3d printed piece. Nonetheless he gave me a few places to try to I will keep hunting.

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