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Fly magnets too strong!!

I agree Fly makes a good looking body. The chassis and parts are not so good. They take the most work to get them running great, like an NSR or I believe I've glued every motor in a Fly car that I run on my track. Axle bearings on a Fly car? None of mine have that added luxury!

Thank you all for your replies.
I’ll up date you later when we the  backorders arrive.
The GTO I have on order is supposed to be limited to the UK and only 150 being made, you would think this should run fairly ok from the off, but I won’t hold my breath!

Hi All

Every picture tells a story!!!

150 Limited Edition Fly Goodwood 250 GTO arrived today, managed half a really slow track lap and then stopped.
Magnet far too strong for a front engined chassis.
The 908/2's rear engined Targa Florio cars to coin a phrase FLY round.

So will be in the pits and until a weaker magnet arrives.
Be interested to hear if anyone else has the same issues on a Scalextric track?


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Why is it the magnets in the car? It stiks to the road and is easy, no skill. I wonder who it is that began the magnets in car. maybe it is for kiddie playtime.
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The car is front engined so has no weight over the rear axle, without a magnet the car has no traction. I could weight it down but Fly should fit an appropriate strength magnet.

It has nothing to do with whether you run with a magnet or not. The issue is with the magnet supplied it doesn’t run, if you take the magnet out it doesn’t run!

Magnet now gaffer taped higher up in the chassis, car runs well with a healthy tail slide!
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I'm not surprised that users of magnets struggle with this issue.

Different track types create different down force depeding on the material used to manufacture the rails.
Consequently , cars from one manufacturer don't run well on track from another manufacturer because the rails and onboards magnets are not matched. 

Car manufacturers that don't make track seem to factory-fit magnets to suit one track type.
For example :
Fly cars seem to be set up for carrera stainless track
Slot.IT and NSR seem to be factory set for scalextric and ninco. 
If magnet cars were of interest to club racers (generally, they are not) there would be factory methods to fine tune the location of the magnet inside the car.
The fine tuning would include set screws to precisely lift the magnet away from the rail so as to adjust the downfotce to the optimum.

I don't use magnets in cars because it destroys the handling,  allowing  unrealistic cornering speeds. 
Most clubs forbid magnetraction on safety grounds.

There is more than enough traction to be had from :
a- tyre selection and preparation 
b- magnetic flux leakage from the motor which can be optimised uusing the post-factory offset motor mounts available from some manufacturers.

Front motor cars can be made work well Sans-Mag. 
"Alexis in Greece" uses front motor Fly  cars in proxy races to great effect without magnets.
I'll see if I can find a link and post it here.

Alan W
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Thanks Alan, yes it crossed my mind that Fly would test on Carrera track as both Spanish.
Although I do have some earlier Fly models that run fine, but I shan't lose any sleep over it 

Cheers for the link.


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