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Carrera Limited Editions 2020


UK distributor The Hobby Company have sent us the first artwork of the two Limited Edition Carrera cars for 2020. These were not unveiled in the catalogue and are expected to become available late summer / early autumn.

This year's Digital124 Limited Edition car is the latest Carrera Porsche 911 RSR model in a fetching Carrera colour scheme...


The RRP for this car is £109 and it is already on the MRE website as a pre-order.


The Digital132 model is far more interesting. Carrera have followed up last year's wonderful Alex Zanardi DTM car with Frank Stella's 1976 BMW 'Art Car'....


Frank Stella - a prominent New York artist - was invited by BMW to decorate a 3.0 CSL to be the second creation of the BMW Art Car Project. Stella said of his design: "The idea for mine was that it's from a drawing on graph paper. The graph paper is what it is, a graph, but when it's morphed over the car's forms it becomes interesting, and adapting the drawing to the racing car's forms is interesting. Theoretically it's like painting on a shaped canvas."


The car raced as the #41 for the Le Mans 24 hours, driven by Brian Redman and Peter Gregg. The car qualified eighth but retired early with an oil leak.


Here's some footage of the car - wearing the #21 - in action...

In total, there are nineteen official Art Cars, featuring creations by the likes of David Hockney, Jenny Holzer, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Rauschenberg and Andy Warhol. The BMW Art Car site is here. Frank Stella went on to create a second Art Car in 1979, this time an unofficial creation on an M1 Procar, commissioned by  his friend Peter Gregg.

The Carrera model is due later this year with an RRP of £89.99. MRE have the car on pre-order now.
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Here's some new artwork for the Digital124 Limited Edition Porsche...


The scheduled release date has been pushed back to November 2020.

Nice, but what is a Carrera Limited Edition? What does that mean exactly? I can't imagine it's akin to a BRM Limited Edition where only 100 or 200 or less than 500 have been made...?

The Carrera Limited Editions are a highlight of the year for Carrera collectors and fans - one Digital132 car and one Digital124 car that don’t appear in the catalogue. Limited to 1,999 units worldwide, they sell out quite quickly, despite the premium prices. Lots of hype and brand loyalty going on there - especially in Carrera’s home markets.

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