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Bugatti T59 - 1934 - LMM

LMM - le mans Miniatures are about to release the Bugatti T59 as raced at Monaco in 1934.

1:1 Car History

Type 59

The final Bugatti race car of the 1930s was the Type 59 of 1934. It used an enlarged 3.3 L (3257 cc/198 in³) version of the straight-eight Type 57's engine sitting in a modified Type 54 chassis. The engine was lowered for a better center of gravity, and the frame was lightened with a number of holes drilled in the chassis. The signature piano wire wheels used splines between the brake drum and rim, and relied on the radial spokes to handle cornering loads. 250 hp (186 kW) was on tap, and eight were made.

The 1934 Monaco Grand Prix (formally the VI Grand Prix de Monaco) was a Grand Prix motor race held on 2 April 1934 at Circuit de Monaco in and out of Monte Carlo. The race comprised 100 laps of a 3.180km circuit, for a total race distance of 318.0km.

The Association Internationale des Automobile Clubs Reconnus (AIACR) had announced on 12 October 1932 that a new Grand Prix formula will go into effect for the 1934 season, and the 1934 Monaco Grand Prix was the first Grand Épreuve event run under the new regulations. Although one of the new rules required the race distance to be over 500 km, Monaco GP was permitted to be run for 100 laps or 318 km, as the time required to complete 100 laps at the slow Circuit de Monaco was comparable to 500 km at faster tracks such as Monza.

The race was won by Guy Moll, a newly recruited Algerian Driver of Scuderia Ferrari, driving an Alfa Romeo Tipo B/P3. In addition to winning the very first race after the enrollment to the Ferrari team, Moll (at 23 years and 10 months old) remained the youngest driver to have won a Monaco GP until Lewis Hamilton (at 23 years and 4 months) won in 2008.


This version of the car modelled by LMM is the car driven by Tazio Nuvelari to 5th in the 1934 Race.

Qualifying Results:


Race Results:


PHOTOS by Gary Cannell - MRE.




LMM will also be releasing a Black Street version. In these pics you can see the close up detail of these amazing cars. - (eg no solid front axle.)







Just an oustanding model imho and one that would race superbly with the Recent MMK Alfa Romeo.
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Considering how good they look, I was surprised by the price at Pendle. I would have expected more unless it was just end of line pricing for the only one left in stock.

Really good looking model, how do they go?

Wow the detail!! Not my style but it looks fantastic! Excellent craftsmanship those cars.

Lovely, lovely, lovely.....LMM seem under rated and under valued to me.
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John - I absolutely agree with you.

yes 100 pounds is not cheap (in comparison to others), but in my honest opinion is that UNLESS you have ever tried to actually build a car, one has no clue what it takes to get something this detailed made, and I know that if I built this - it would sell for hundreds of pounds.

But then I wouldnt sell it ..... :)
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