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Scalextric James Bond Aston Martin DB5 "No Time to Die"


C4202 James Bond Aston Martin DB5 'No Time to Die' - available now RRP £45.99

The Scalextric DB5 is a very nice model of arguably the most iconic movie car of all time. With a new Bond film featuring the DB5 due for release later this year, a new Scalextric Bond car hit the shops this week. Sporting the number plate from 'No Time to Die', plus a Bond figure in dinner jacket and bow tie, it hits the mark. Here are a couple of shots from the 2020 Scalextric catalogue launch in January...


The 'No Time to Die' DB5 uses the same mould as previous models  - six Bond cars and the two road car versions (red and black). There are hints of a roof panel for the famous ejector seat, but all the magnificent 007 modifications have to be imagined. The Scalextric car has a front-mounted Mabuchi S-Can motor, so is not Digital Plug Ready (DPR). Anyone wanting to convert to digital will want to use the C7005 Retro-Fit chip. The new car has the usual front and rear lights, traction magnet and easy-change guide.

The Bond cars from Goldfinger (C3091 and C3664), Skyfall (C3127 and C3268A), Casino Royale (C3162A) and Goldeneye (C3163A) have all come in cardboard collectors' display boxes, but this new model is packaged in a 'normal' Scalextric plastic box, albeit with a black plinth and 'No Time to Die' insert. I think it looks rather slick...


Although the film has been delayed, the Scalextric DB5 has arrived on schedule. There's also a rather lovely Aston Martin V8 that features in the film and a Scalextric model - with brand new tooling - is expected in the autumn, probably just before the movie comes out in November. As for the movie...

I rewatched all the Daniel Craig Bond films over Christmas and New Year - and am thoroughly looking forward to this one. Along with the DB5 and the V8, both the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera and Valhalla appear in the film.

Not surprisingly, the Scalextric model is selling very well. You'll need to shop around for availability and best price. MRE already have the DB5 listed as out of stock. Pendle Slot Racing have cars priced at £46, Jadlams have a few left for £51.95. Top Slots & Trains show stock available at £41.39 and the Scalextric website have restocked, selling the car at £45.99.

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