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1:24 Class Racing cars required

Hi everyone, hope you are all well and safe.

Straight into it, I am looking buying 1:24 scale cars purely for racing events and am looking for recommendations on cars to buy such as Ninco and places preferably in Australia but no doubt will have to source from international shops.

The cars would also be tweaked and tuned further so upgrade as well I will be looking at and requiring sources and information on.

Classes of cars that I am looking at buying:
- LMP, 
- Transams, 
- GT, 
- Ninco 1, 


For 1/24 hard-bodied cars, your mass-produced options are Carrera, Scaleauto and BRM. Some of the categories you listed are covered by their ranges, but you'll be fairly limited.

Carrera 1/24 are big versions of some of their 1/32 cars - plastic chassis and robust bodies - but run at 18 volts and are chipped to be compatible with analogue and Carrera Digital124 (see Carrera catalogue here). BRM gives you Trans-Am, Group C and the 1970s mini-saloons. Scaleauto are almost entirely modern GT cars. Both BRM and Scaleauto have nice metal chassis, racing components and upgrade parts. You can get an idea from Pendles (here) who distribute both brands in the UK.

Another alternative for racing might be metal chassis and lexan bodies. Bruce Patto (Pattos Place here) has a few hundred true-to-scale moulds for all eras and categories of cars, plus tens of thousands of decal options and suitable 1/24 scale chassis to go with them (they don't seem to come ready-to-run, but it would be worth asking Bruce). And you'd be supporting a much-loved Australian business.

There are dozens of other 1/24 scale metal chassis options too (eg Parma, Champion, Scaleauto etc) - most of which can be supplied ready-to-run. However, depending on the amp-rating of the wiring on your layout and the controllers you have, you'll need to carefully choose what motors you use - nothing massively powerful. And you are likely to be limited to the bigger Pattos bodies with some of these chassis that have no adjustable width or wheelbase. To show what I mean, here's my very ancient and very entry-level Parma Flex-2...


There are loads of picture in the 'Gallery' of Pattos site showing completed models. Many of the 1/24 scale examples are of the Pattos bodies and decals. Nowhere near the detail of the amazing German 1/24 slot car kits or 1/24 scale plastic kit conversions (which is another option), but certainly good for a racing class on your fabulous big track.
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Select any of the entries in the drop down menu of the Rennserien entrs on this page:
 Those are all cars we race at our club. All 1/24 or 1/25.
Usually on Schoeler /Schöler) or Plafit chassis.

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