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HO Drag Proxy 11-12 August 2020 SIGN-UP

My cars are in the post. I have retired the Aston as it was a great disappointment last time. The replacement is a bit different and has Brighton written all the way through it. Rofl
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Excellent - sounds like Brighton Delivery Office will be busy!

Alan's box arrived today, as did Peter and Jerome's cars. All are in quarantine. Already in the paddock are the Chesterfield crew, Andy Phillips, Gareth, Dylan and Rebecca's cars. The American cars were last logged in Chicago on 26 July - they might still make it... If not, they'll be ready for the two September events.

Also arriving late from the States are a T-Jet and 4-Gear I was hoping to receive in plenty of time to prepare for the June race!

The South Coast HO Dragster editorial team will be meeting tomorrow to get cracking on the feature articles for the next edition. And the track maintenance crew will be inspecting the strip to make sure everything is good for the races.
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I am waiting for a top fuel from the States as well but it is still on the way after a month Tappingfoot
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Hello Andy,
Have sent my trusty transporter on its way today.   Have updated 'Moms Taxi' with a supercharger kindly supplied by Alan so hoping for a good result... Also did a bit of 'running in' to help.   Please enter into the  Micro Super Stock class as I have added a shim to reduce the rear axle movement.
Jaguar XJ220 pretty much as it last ran except for a bit more track miles - Stock Micro class.

The lady in the Post Office has got accustomed to "parcel to Brighton please" LOL



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Hi Andy,

Just posted my three cars ready for next week.

Despite their poor showing last month, I've re-entered the Porsche 911 and Jag XJ 220. Both cars have new motors and tyres. The Jag now features some subtle historic sponsorship, so it should probably be described as a Slick Cat.

A new entry is in the T-Jet class and is my take on a 57 Chevy gasser. It's meant to represent a car that's a Work in Progress - and it would certainly benefit from some further mechanical, as well as body work. Perhaps before the September races.  

Alas my 4-gear Chevy Nova is a No Show this month, due to a seized motor  (caused by an over zealous mechanic). 40 year old components need TLC, especially when spares are difficult to obtain in the UK. 

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With Terry dropping his and Louise's cars round yesterday, all the UK-based entries have arrived. The US package is now in the UK and - according to the Parcelforce tracking app - at the local depot in Sussex. Fingers-crossed it arrives by Wednesday. Even without the US cars, it's already going to be the biggest event so far.

There is amazing quality as well as quantity. We have some fabulous new re-liveries - and some old favourites - for this race. Here's the first batch...


Iain has already introduced his cars, but here they are in the flesh. Fabulous work on the Chevy Thumbup 


Jason has switched to Aston Martin power this month, Rosie returning with the red Jaguar and Natasha making her debut with the Mercedes.


Pete and Jerome's Audis are back, as is their shared NHRA Funny Car.


The Bevendean boys stick with their trusty trio of cars - can Dylan go one better this month and pick up the Street Stock medal?


I'm expecting Leo's Mom's Taxi to go well - and can his Santa Pod Jag make the Super Stock finals again?


Jane's new Nissan looks fab. Is it another Street Stock winner?


Jeremy has given us a wonderful rat rod Nissan.


Alan's new Street Stock Audi R8 is a stunning piece of advertising for all our generous sponsors. He's written up an article about making decals to go in the next issue of the South Coast HO Dragster fanzine. And expect a few samples in your return box  Sun


Alan also has a new 4-Gear car - an Auto World NHRA Pro Stock that will be match racing against Pete and Jerome's Funny Car.


Making her debut in the Summer Series is Laura, driving this Aston Martin DBR9. Could be one to watch in Street Stock.


Last but not least of this batch is Clive's four cars, including a sensational pink 'Brighton RockS' Super Stock. Clive has switched to an Audi R8 for the Street Stock competition.

More pictures later...
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There are some really great looking cars there, I love the rat rod Chevy. 
Let’s hope they run as good as they look, good luck everyone. Wrench
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Latest on the US entries... The package is at the Gatwick depot, awaiting payment of customs - unfortunately the demand has been posted rather than emailed and I can't pay until I have the reference number on the letter. I think the American guys are just going to miss out on this one Sweating

Here are the rest of the UK entries...


My Alfa has gone from red to blue and the Malcolm Durham tribute car keeps its place in T-Jet Super Stock. Match-racing contenders to be decided.


Andy Phillips' cars have stayed in East Sussex since last time.


Rebecca's cars are as they were, although the arrival of some Shirley Shahan decals means there will be a new AMX body in September.


Doug leads the Chesterfield Crew.


Backed up by David


Plus Noah and Dylan P. They will also be match racing the Top Fuelers. And there will be other Chesterfield match racing duels, if time permits.


Terry and Louise's hatchbacks were the last cars to arrive. No time to prepare a pair of Super Stockers, but maybe next month?
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