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Slot Car Magazine July 2020


The latest issue of Slot Car Magazine has just been published. Available already as an eBook at Lulu (link here), the paper magazine will be arriving at Pendles anytime soon (link). With Model Car Racing now online-only and Slot apparently taking a breather during lockdown, Slot Car Magazine could be the only English-language slot car mag around this summer...

This is what's in the July edition
  • Ferrari 312 B2 by Marc Abbott - Ickx took the car to victory in the 1971 Dutch GP, but have Policar captured the winning formula?
  • Star From The East by Andy Pinchock - The concluding part of the Prefo brand... a story from behind the Iron Curtain.
  • Alpine Renault A110 by Hub Habets - Hub test drives this little gem from SCX and reveals how to gain extra time on each stage.
  • Käfer Kapers by Tony Di Pastina - Take a Beetle, bolt on a rear end from a Porsche 935 and you have a Group 5 monster (and a less practical family car).
  • Building To Win! by Marc Abbott - So we have Senna, a Lotus, sponsorship by Camel, all modelled to perfection by Kostas Dzingovic.
  • 1970: The Birth Of Pro Stock by Andy Player - Auto World legends of the quarter mile burn up Andy’s scale drag strip.
  • Tennessee Bird Walk by Andy Player - Stock car racing Carrera style – Andy Player experiences his own days of thunder.
  • 1987 RAC Rally Lancia Delta by Marc Abbott - Yikes! Another good-looking Martini livery to drool over. A classic rally car from Team Slot.
  • Karting Xtreme by Marc Abbott - 1/18 scale and fast... Has Marco Guerrieri produced a kart of gold?
  • Police 4 by Ric Woods - Would you believe it? You can never find a cop when you need one and then four turn up at once.
  • Nissan Skyline by Marc Abbott - Is the new Gr5 from Racer Sideways as “thick as a brick”, or do we have a race winner on our hands?
  • Born To Run by Marc Abbott - Lockdown hasn’t stopped SRC from turning out some limited (boxed) editions of the Porsche 914.
  • Policar BRZ by Gary Skipp - Cheap but not nasty – Perhaps one should consider the merits of a low-cost formula for close racing?
  • The World Of Dilworth - You have a problem? Maybe Dilworth’s Problem Page is the answer... or maybe it isn’t
The ebook costs a very reasonable £1.50 and the magazine just £4.50 - exclusively from Pendle Slot Racing.
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The link might not work in the post above.
I think this one might:
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The magazine is now in stock at Pendle Slot Racing, priced £4.50:
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