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3 Lane Modular wood track

Great progress. 

Have you decided what method you will use for joining and aligning the modules ?

Thanks :)

each joint will have 4 biscuits to line level the track surface, then the 2 sections will be clamped like in terrible drawing below!!

[Image: joint.jpg]

Why not use some bolts with captive screws and washers like this crude drawing here...

Photo heavy!!!

Made some good progress over the last few days.....

Going for a clean club looking track but with detailed terrain where possible.  Still loads to do on this piece (which is called 'Ruins') like bushes, flowers and a couple of trees.

[Image: IMG-2510.jpg]

[Image: IMG-2511.jpg]

[Image: IMG-2512.jpg]

And starting plans for this wiggle which will be known as 'Wells'....

[Image: IMG-2518.jpg]

[Image: IMG-2517.jpg]

Thanks for checking in [Image: smile.png]
[+] 4 members Like 1eye101's post

Very nice, really brings the track to life. Thumbup

Fantastic start, looking forward to the updates!

Great looking scenery. Well done.

rallyhub Thumbup

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