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HO Drag Proxy July 2020 RACE REPORT

There was time for some match-racing to reward the fans who had turned up for the qualification runs.

First was the NHRA Top Fueler re-match. It certainly looked like Noah's Optima team had put in the hours since last month. The elder of the two brothers took the first leg by 0.044 seconds, despite a tardy start...

Noah - Optima Top Fueler: 0.743 RT / 0.775 ET / 8.074 mph
Dylan - Alanabi Top Fueler: 0.728 RT / 0.834 ET / 6.262 mph


Can Dylan's crew turn things round for tomorrow?

The NHRA Funny Car match will start tomorrow - Andy's crew begged an overnight delay to work on the Castrol Ashley Force-Hood Mustang. Likewise, the Chevy Xtraction crews asked for a delay, claiming fatigue - but everyone knows they are struggling with hangovers following the 4th of July celebrations. And Auto World insisted the fiftieth-anniversary Pro Stock exhibition passes take place on race day. We look forward to seeing those iconic cars on the strip at some point on Wednesday...


There was time for some 4-Gear Nostalgia racing, with two pairs of Auto World Funny Cars and two fabulous Aurora Speciality chassis.

Rebecca's Cha Cha Muldowney "Bounty Huntress" was unbeatable last time out and she chose to take on newcomer David. His "King Fish" Cuda surprised everyone with an extremely rapid run and a win by 0.087 seconds...

David - Plymouth Cuda: 0.776 RT / 0.826 ET / 6.119 mph
Rebecca - Ford Mustang: 0.785 RT / 0.904 ET / 5.132 mph


Rebecca's crew will, no doubt, be getting an earful overnight.

Clive had a new Funny Car this time - the lovely "King Cobra" Mustang. There were some concerns getting the red Mustang fired-up in the pits, but it showed good pace to put Doug's "Blue Max" to the sword by 0.048 of a second in the first run.

Clive - Ford Mustang: 0.737 RT / 0.919 ET / 5.303 mph
Doug - Ford Mustang: 0.729 RT / 0.975 ET / 4.419 mph


Finally, Iain's classic Aurora Chevy Vega faced up against Alan's Chevy C-10 Pro Mod - a lovely resin body on an Aurora chassis. This was an incredibly close race, with Iain getting a hole shot win by a mere 0.005 seconds!

Iain - Chevy Vega F/C: 0.842 RT / 1.078 ET / 4.419 mph
Alan - Chevy C-10 P/M: 0.857 RT / 1.068 ET / 4.079 mph


There was time for round two before dusk fell. Iain got away quicker again - but this time his car got really loose off the line and he went sideways. No damage, but Iain sensibly got right out of the gas and limped across the line 9.465 seconds behind Alan.

Alan - Chevy C-10 P/M: 0.907 RT / 1.059 ET / 4.419 mph
Iain - Chevy Vega F/C: 0.898 RT / 10.533 ET / 2.652 mph


Everyone's looking forward to the decider tomorrow!
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Congratulations to the class leaders. It looks like tomorrow will bring some close racing. Waiting will be a chore but good luck to all tomorrow.  Time   Checkeredflag
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Coverage of the racing will start in just over an hour - and it'll be here on SlotRacer Online...


Schedule is something like this:
  • Match Racing part deux
  • Micro Scalextric Super Stock
  • Match Racing III
  • T-Jet Nostalgia Super Stock
  • Auto World Pro Stock exhibition
  • Match Racing goes fourth
  • Micro Scalextric Street Stock
Hope to finish by 10pm tonight
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Thanks for running this - and all the great photos and reports Andy  Thumbup
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Things are now starting to get exciting  Wrench. Good luck everyone.
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I'm on board getting excited.?

Starting Wednesday's action were two match races that didn't happen last night...

First were father-and-son Doug and David with some 3-Gear Xtraction Fourth of July action. Round One went to David by 0.145 seconds:

David - Stars & Stripes '55 Chevy: 0.873 RT / 0.899 ET
Doug - Chevy Nomad: 0.864 RT / 1.053 ET


Jerome took the first run against Andy in the modern NHRA Funny Cars and won by 0.007 of a second!

Jerome - DHL JR Todd Funny Car: 0.949 RT / 0.885 ET
Andy - Castrol Ashley Force Funny Car: 0.944 RT / 0.897 ET


Next up, Micro Scalextric Super Stock...

The Micro Scalextric Super Stock Eliminators were first on the strip on Wednesday. No surprises in the Quarter Finals, the top four qualifiers all comfortably through. Rebecca had a bye run and the closest contest was Andy Phillips’ Mini getting within 0.030 of a second of Leo’s Jaguar...


In the bottom half of the ladder, Iain improved on his best qualifying run, but Clive’s Aston remained surprisingly slow. No race-day miracles for him this time.


For the second event running, there were big shocks in the Super Stock Semi Finals. Again, the top qualifier fell to the fourth place qualifier. Usually a fast starter, Rebecca’s Sanditon Motorsport Nissan bogged down off the line. Leo took advantage, making his first sub-700 run of the event count. A winning margin of 0.024 looked comfortable, but was a massive upset...


The second Semi was expected to be close. Alan looked good down the first half of the run, but then Andy Player’s Nissan picked up the pace. A finishing speed of 7.706 mph to Alan’s 6.043 was the difference - a 0.026 winning margin.

The third and fourth place qualifiers faced off in the Final. It turned out to be a much closer race than expected. Leo’s Jaguar got off to a good start, but Andy edged it at half distance. The Nissan usually finishes strongly, but it was Leo’s car that was quickest through the speed trap, giving a tantalisingly close winning margin of 0.013 seconds for Andy’s orange Nissan...


And here's some video...



That’s four different winners in the first four races of the Summer Series. Will there be more?
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Well done Andy that was a good run  Checkeredflag
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Thanks! I don't know how that happened at all...

While the T-Jet nostalgia cars were warming up for their eliminators, it was time for

Match Racing III

Noah made it a two-to-zero victory in the Top Fuelers, beating Dylan by 0.074 and taking revenge for last month's whitewash:

Noah - Optima Top Fueler: 0.709 RT / 0.769 ET / 6.973 mph
Dylan - Alanabi Top Fueler: 0.712 RT / 0.840 ET / 6.136 mph


The two Auto World Legends Funny Car match-ups also ended 2-0, David beating Rebecca by 0.053 and Clive beating Doug by 0.060...

David - Plymouth Cuda: 0.747 RT / 0.849 ET / 6.119 mph
Rebecca - Ford Mustang: 0.752 RT / 0.897 ET / 5.486 mph

Clive - Ford Mustang: 0.730 RT / 0.890 ET / 5.486 mph
Doug - Ford Mustang: 0.729 RT / 0.951 ET / 4.972 mph

The Aurora Speciality chassis had a decider, with the two cars level on one win each. The race was won decisively - Iain's Nova beating Alan's C-10 truck by 0.039 seconds and setting the fastest ET of their contest...

Iain - Chevy Vega F/C: 0.751 RT / 1.029 ET / 4.545 mph
Alan - Chevy C-10 P/M: 0.756 RT / 1.063 ET / 3.977 mph


That's it for now. The T-Jet eliminator is coming up in about an hour...
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