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Wendell Scott

I'm not much of a NASCAR fan, but even I found this article interesting...

Quote:Wendell Scott kept a loaded pistol underneath his front seat. He took it out mid-race just the one time - and never again did that guy threaten to wreck him off a track.
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That's a really nice article. Wendell Scott's story is still resonating today.

Scott is definitely one of my motorsport heroes - for many different reasons. Contemporaries of his always claimed that with the best equipment, Wendell Scott would have been challenging for many more top flight wins - and even championships. Here's some video from quite an old documentary about Scott's life and footage of him in his later years...

Sports journalist and amateur racer Brian Donovan wrote a magnificent biography of Scott called Hard Driving. It is a shocking and inspirational book and well worth tracking down.


Wendell Scott also features in another classic book about Nascar - Jerry Bledsoe's The World's Number One, Flat-Out, All-Time Great Stock Car Racing Book written during the 1972 Nascar season and published in 1975. I think the title gets it right - it probably is the best book ever about stock car racing.

A couple of Scott's cars have been released as slot cars - Revell/Monogram producing his '67 Ford Fairlane and Carrera his 1969 Ford Torino Talladega. And I've seen quite a few reliveried Galaxies and various scratchbuilt Fords, plus the David Ragan's tribute car from Martinsville 2014 - just after Wendell Scott had been inducted in the Nascar Hall of Fame.

That same weekend, Bubba Wallace ran the tribute livery in the truck race at Martinsville - taking the #34 to Victory Lane...

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I thought I'd add my championship-winning WHO Mod Viper with the Hall of Fame tribute livery...


And my Carrera Torino, which has seen plenty of WHO/digital action...


Still keeping an eye out for a reasonably-priced Fairlane - or maybe I grab the Fairlane and Galaxie white kits and do my own.
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