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Have almost got my DiSCA cars ready to race, and  I'm presuming I would need to roll up at a race event with my own controller.

If so, would any of the SCP controllers be suitable, and what modules would I need installed?

I'm asking as it is difficult to spot what the differences are between the 3 iterations of the SCPs. And do the controllers need to be battery operated or is plug in power available at the events?

And I have tried to work it out for myself, but got a bit lost in the language, would any of the controllers also work on my basic Scalextric SSD 4 car digital powerbase at home?

Thanks all.

I love gears 

And having looked at it in a little bit more detail, any reason NOT to go for an 'old school' Slot.It SCP01D controller for both oXigen and SSD use?

I love gears 

Nothing more personal than a slotracers controller, even though every manufacturer will state that they are all the same, the individual racer will tend to disagree.
And as with all other tools, they do wear over time, even on "digital controllers " proper maintenance" is a must.

SCP-1 the very first, still works fine, Gary still uses them for his racing, even during "bigger" DiSCA events.
the first iteration has a set of dip switches on top to switch between the different curve/map settings, never liked those...
...hard to reach and never been able to adjust them just by "feel"
You can't stop on a digital track and pause to look down at your controller to adjust your settings.
Also since they been around now for almost a decade...second hand items may have some wear & tear.

SCP-2 the improved, standard controller. So what was improved, well according to Maurizio a lot, but most of it "under het hood".
Meaning that the curves and the way it responds is different..I would say better. 
Most noticeable difference: a simple toggle switch on top of the controller replaced the dip switches.
Easier to swap curves/maps while racing.

If you're going to look for a 2nd hand SCP2, check operation, check if all the dials/knobs move freely, check if the trigger doesn't have too much side play...
..and most of all check if the antenna is still soldered properly to the IC board. Check the wire connections.

SCP-3 the vastest, the newest, so must be better...right? Maurizio has posted extensively online on the features...and its arrival...soon ;)
But due to earlier problem registering the controller via Apple Mac hardware...not been able to asses them myself.

Not an expert on SSD, but to my knowledge if it has an Oxygen chip...all SCP's should be able to communicate.

As for your first appearance at a DiSCA Digital race, driver rostrum has power feeds for you to plug in your controller, no battery packs required.
And if you contact the organizer at forehand ...there's always someone with and extra spare controller to help newbies out.

With kind regards
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Thank you for the response Tamar.

I will be buying new, but as you indicate, differences between the models are subtle.

I love gears 

We borrowed a SCP2 at our first DiSCA appearance - and it was a steep learning curve as none of us had used a controller before. Having our own controller to play with and set up before our second race was certainly a big help. Nonetheless, we are still on that learning curve.

The SCP1 and SCP2 require an oXigen cartridge to communicate with an oXigen chip. The oXigen set-up will work on an SSD track - the SSD powerbase just providing AC power to the track - nothing plugged into the controller sockets. You'll need a separate 9-12v power source for the controller. To plug an SCP1,2 or 3 into an SSD powerbase and work with cars fitted with standard SSD chips, you'll need the digital cartridge (the universal one for the older powerbases and the C7042-specific version for the Advanced 6-car powerbase). The oXigen cartridge connects wirelessly to the ARC Air and ARC Pro powerbases, but requires the firmware to be re-flashed. I think that covers all SSD options!

The SCP3 has the oXigen / ARC hardware integral to the controller and then cartridges for other digital systems and analogue plug in.
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Thanks Woodcote.

The way I was reading things, I thought amongst all the SCP-2 options, there was one that worked with both oXigen and SSD chips without having to change cartridges. Wishful thinking!

When I get round to it, I think my best option would be a Truspeed controller for 'bread and butter' SSD duties, and an SCP if I get hooked on the oXigen scene. Whether that is an SCP1 or 2 will be down to the detail rather than any great performance benefits as far as I can tell.

I love gears 

I would go SCP2 for your needs.
The inbuilt  radio has better range than SCP3 (according to and the booster board for the SCP3 is not yet available.
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