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Routed Raceway

L       Thanks        As a new member to I did the  introduction and mentioned that I had two 4 lane analogue layouts at home.  As I was asked to post some photos, here goes.... Time 

The Routed Raceway.
My first track we  built.   4 lane analogue, slot Routed into MDF. Cooper tape for power pick up.
Surface painted with Ultra smooth masonry paint.
Power via a Fusion PS201 adjustable power supply. 5 - 15 volts, so good for all classes and levels of racers.
Timing/ Lap scoring via a DS 300 Pro series lap counter and Stop & Go boxes, using DS hand controllers.

Design brief - This track folds against the back wall, so had to be flat. Mounted on a board 4.39 metres long, 1.80 metres wide, and lifted via an electric winch.
Track design - Fast , flowing, easy for all to use. No pinch points.
Theme - 1960's style racetrack. Goodwood themed buildings. All scenery other than fencing has to be easily removed and stored. Lane lengths - inside 32ft 11, outside 37ft 8. Big difference but mainly negated by the way the lanes drive. Red is hardest, the others very even.

Skill required - Much more than I have! Designed between myself and best mate Andy.
All the clever technical bits by Andy, who is by trade a Handy Man. He has all the tools, all the skill, and can do anything. If you want to to do a layout similar to this I can not stress the importance of having an Andy!!
Apparently other versions are available, like Dave, Colin, or similar Wrench

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Looks great, and we all need a Handy Andy at times. Yes

Are the buildings from GP Miniatures?
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That looks great, very  attractive layout and a good variety of corners.

I am the Andy-type so can do the tech stuff ok but my scenery is kind of pre-beginners level !!


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Hi guys.

Jason, yes the buildings are from GP Minatures. Graham is a really nice chap, and produces some really good looking buildings. I first met him a few years back at Gaydon, when he started his building range. 
There are a couple of old Scalextric grandstands either end of the main straight, and a marshalls post.
Fully agree with the need for an Andy ( or similar), he did the frame, routed the track, did the electrical stuff, and sorted the winch. He is currently our Club Champion, so can also race a bit! I did all the fun scenic stuff!  And like almost all scenic layouts there is always something else you dream up to do.....

Hello Leo, 
So Andy's are also  available as Leo's!
As this was my first go at anything like this I spoke to David & Guy at Slot track scenics. So helpful, full of good ideas, and their grass and gravel traps worked a treat.   Barriers on the side of the circuit are plastic strips with wooden dowls, courtesy of Wickes. All the scenic stuff, other than the barriers/ fencing has to be easily removed as the track folds flat against the back wall. 
Good fun to drive, nice close racing, and having done this layout it gave me the confidence to do my next track. Will post this one up later.
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I concur with the above, nice variety in the corners, and looks a nice flowing track.  Thumbup

Very nice!

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