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HO Drag Proxy 7-8 July 2020 SIGN-UP

My cars are on the way today. Looks like it is going to be another good race.
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Hot mustard has been upgraded with new axle and gearing and is ready to go as is the Mercedes it's the T-Jet and 4 gear that are not quite ready yet but what is ready to go will be posted Tuesday.  Thumbup
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Cars are coming out of quarantine...


First are Rebecca's four that did pretty well last time. No big changes there - Porsche Boxster for Street Stock, Nissan 350Z for Micro Super Stock, AMC AMX for T-Jet S/S and the 'Bounty Huntress' for some Funny Car match racing.

Next up is the Chesterfield Crew...


Four Street Stock cars for Doug, David, Noah and Dylan P. T-Jet S/S for Doug, Noah and Dylan, plus Doug's 'Blue Max' Mustang for match racing. We'll see if any more cars make it down from the Derbyshire / Yorkshire badlands for this one.

A few changes for Andy 'Woodcote'...


The Malcolm Durham 'Strip Blazer' replaces the 'Georgia Shaker' in T-Jet S/S and a few changes and a new body for the Micro Super Stock. The Alfa remains in Street Stock.

Terry's Team Rally cars return...


No decision yet whether there'll be one each for Terry in Street Stock and Super Stock or whether a second driver has been negotiated to pilot the black car in Street Stock. EDIT: Louise will be racing the black Team Rally car in Street Stock. Louise is a past winner of the WHO Slot Car Challenge at the East Preston Festival.

A first-time entrant is WHO racer Andy Phillips, representing Southampton in our South Coast drag racing...


It's another Team Rally Hatchback in Super Stock, plus an awesome-looking Super Stock Mini, complete with hood scoop and wheelie bars. Andy has sent me some pictures of how he makes his wheelie bars, which I'll post later.

Clive has juggled his entry slightly...


The race-winning T-jet S/S 'Tasca Ford' T-Bolt returns, but he now has a Nissan 350Z in Street Stock, an Aston Martin DBS in Super Stock and an Auto World 'King Cobra' Mustang for the Funny Car match-racing.

More new entries have arrived - this time from Kent. Jason, Sarah, Beth and Rosie were hoping to race with us at the Barn this summer, but after following the first event couldn't miss out on some drag racing!


The Porsche is Jason's, Sarah has entered the Ferrari F40, Beth the Alfa 155 DTM and Rosie the Jaguar XJ220.

Finally, the two Bugatti Veyrons have made the trip back from Eastbourne looking nice and shiny and ready to go...


Jeremy keeps the NHS / Prostate Cancer UK colours for the this one and Jane's beautiful floral car will grace the start line again in ten days' time.
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There are some great looking cars out there. Good luck everyone this should be a good meeting Thumbup.
It’s good to see some custom cars starting to appear for the race. It’s always good to see what other people are building. Wrench
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Wrench my cars were posted this morning and should arrive in a couple of days. Hot Mustard is back with a new experimental rear end and a prototype wheelie bar. New tyre sponsership has seen a change to pink tyres on both hot mustard and the camel Mercedes. "The Tortoise "will be putting in a first apperence in the T-Jet S/S class, whilst not expecting be  able to keep up with the "Hares" it is hoped that the new arodynamic shell and intelligent turbo boost will allow it to already give a good showing.

Finally we can announce that "Fast Freddy" has agreed to put in a demonstration performance, unfortunately, due to a recent fire at the "shed" he has had to revert to the older heavy weight C10 and does not expect to match his previous performances.

Rofl Alan ( Pondiless)
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Yo Andy,
I have just shipped my two entries - both Street Stock. Revised Jaguar XJ220 (as discussed) and a new car that I just got. 


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Famous last words... but the post does seem to be getting quicker. Alan's box arrived today and is in quarantine. I shall look out for Leo's over the next few days - it does, however, have a longer journey to make.

We're up to 24 confirmed entries in Street Stock - and maybe a few last minute surprises still to join the fun. I have my 32-car elimination ladder template ready.

I am sorting through a few possible extra match-races for next week. My new Auto World Xtraction "Legends of the Quarter Mile" 1970 Pro Stock cars will definitely make an appearance...


There's also a couple of the older Johnny Lightning Xtraction '57 Chevys from Chesterfield raring to go. And I wouldn't be at all surprised if Noah and Dylan set up a Top Fueler re-match.
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Leo's box has arrived - and is now in quarantine.

Iain is busy soldering some braids on shoes and his will be on their way. Still waiting for Peter and Jerome's Audi TTs, which have been overhauled in the Burley's Speed Shop and should be arriving soon - by post or by hand. Otherwise, the paddock is getting pretty full.

Some extras: A T-Jet is on its way from David and both a Micro Street Stocker and a T-Jet are promised from Mike.
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All cars are now out of quarantine to face a busy day of scrutineering, concours judging and qualifying. The match-race cars are also scheduled to complete their first passes.

Here are the last batch of arrivals, starting with the Bevendean Crew of Gareth and Dylan...


The prize for the furthest travelled (450 miles) goes to Leo's cars...


All the way from the outskirts of Bristol (a mere 150 miles), sees the return of Hot Mustard and the Street Stock winning Mercedes. They are joined for the first time by the magnificent Mercury 'Tortoise' and a fabulous  4-Gear Chevy C-10 Pro Mod for some match racing...


Iain's cute trio made it down from Surrey for their debut. Loving the JAGS Jag  Heart


Peter and Jerome's Audi TTs have been joined this time by JR Todd's NHRA Funny Car...


David has two more cars - a Chevy Impala for T-Jet Super Stock and he joins the Nostalgia Funny Car match-race fray with the King Fish Plymouth 'Cuda...


David will also line up against Doug with their two 50s Chevys in a special 3-Gear 4th of July match race...


Finally, two modern NHRA match races...


In the Funny Car battle, Jerome and Peter will share the JR Todd Flopper against Andy's Ashley Force Hood Mustang. Dylan and Noah are back for an NHRA Top Fuel re-match. Who will win this time?

The race thread will open around lunchtime.
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