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HO Drag Proxy June 2020 RACE REPORT

Great work Andy.
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Awesome job Andy !  

Obviously, I'm a bit disappointed with my own entries but not surprised as I rushed the prep to get the cars in the post fearing a long transit time.
Its a completely different world from my slot-car "previous" so its great to have been involved and getting tuned in to the scene. The results needed careful reading (for a rookie) although the "Elimination Ladder" is an excellent format, hopefully something that Dave can produce for Drag Race Coordinator. 
I'm away now to look at Top Fuelers. 

Many thanks, Leo

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Leo - it seems you're not the only one to be eyeing-up the Top Fuelers...

[Image: 1dkMLLt.gif]

The Auto World Top Fuelers are a lot of fun. If you've never seen a 'pancake' chassis before, the mechanicals are simply bonkers. Here's an exploded view of a T-Jet chassis...


... the 4-Gear chassis in the Top Fuelers has an extra gear on the top plate, plus an enclosed pinion/crown gearbox and more tiny springs to lose Wrench

More importantly... I handed over all the return boxes to our weekly shopper this morning and he'll get them posted today. Cars that were near the bottom of the timesheets have some test data enclosed and suggestions for tune-ups.

Jadlam stickers and vouchers arrived just as I was packing up the boxes, so most will have some in their boxes - if not, there'll be room for more next time. Still no news on the Super Tires goodies. I have just received a US parcel that was posted on 22 April, so we may need to patient.
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