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HO Drag Proxy June 2020 RACE REPORT

...That left Rebecca - the sixth place qualifier - up against Alan in the Final.


The Porsche driver had to hope that Alan’s Street Stock car would have a poor run, otherwise it would be a formality. Off the line, Alan was straight into the lead. Although Rebecca picked up some pace towards the end, the yellow Mercedes crossed the finish line a comfortable 0.055 of a second ahead...


After being eliminated in the two earlier races, Alan finally had the win his immense qualifying performances had promised. Street Stock was the biggest field and toughest challenge, so it is the medal to treasure...


This is how it happened...

Here are the full stats for the semis and final...


And the Street Stock Elimination Ladder...


That is it for tonight. The match racing got 'rained-off', but the 4-Gears may well get a run out tomorrow evening - and there'll be coverage here.
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Excellent event!

Plenty to think about before the next one.

I love puttering with gears
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It was a great moment in my drag racing career a to achieve a win in MS stock class with the Camel Mercedes. Whilst hot mustard and the le mans Camero were not able to match their qualifying performance our engineers have reported that the pit crew forgot to change  the air filters prior to the semi-final runs and with the dampness in the air the engines were not able to drag in enough air to reach their optimum performance. Finally we would like to thank  the organisers and our sponsors for a great days racing.   Checkeredflag .
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I was getting slightly worried for you - especially after Hot Mustard chose the worst possible time to have a bad run... But the Merc did what it needed to do - and some.

It is amazing how much drama gets served up in these elimination rounds - super-close finishes, upsets, cars getting faster from qualifying and others going off the boil. It was very enjoyable to watch and to run.

Rebecca enjoyed it too and is very pleased with her medal - she shared a pic of that and the Nissan on Facebook and it has got an alarming number of likes from people who probably don't know what a slot car is. Plus she's very proud of the Porsche - she bought that car herself from Dave Coley's Emporium on eBay. And it hasn't had a lot done to it, beyond a pair of Super Tires and some very basic running-in of the motor. Whereas my similarly out-of-the-box eBay purchase for Street Stock wasn't quite so impressive...
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Cheers Andy, 
Your report certainly reflects the excitement!  

Congratulations to Alan and Clive, and purrs to Rebecca (Cannot find her picture on Facebook :-(

Big thanks for running the event, Leo

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As promised, the 4-Gear cars did some match racing today. The first action on the strip featured the Nostagia Funny Cars - three modern day Auto World ‘Legends of the Quarter Mile’ 4-Gear cars, plus Clive’s wonderful custom Capri on an original Aurora ‘Speciality’ chassis...


First up was Chesterfield buddies Rob and Doug - Rob guesting in the Beebe brothers’ Fighting Irish Camaro and Doug with his Harry Schmidt Blue Max Mustang. The Beebe brothers’ crew had been working hard to get the Camaro in good shape, but Rob was beaten by the pace of the Mustang right down the strip. Doug won by 0.141 seconds, with an ET of 0.876 and top speed of 5.521 mph. Rob’s ET was 1.025.


The Camaro looked better on the second run and held its own to just before halfway. Then the Mustang pulled away. The winning margin was closer at 0.129 seconds, but that was because Doug’s pass was slower (0.894) than before. The Camaro was also slower at 1.025. Doug wins two to zero.

Next was a re-run of the Micro Scalextric Super Stock final - Rebecca with her Shirley Muldowney Bounty Huntress Mustang against Clive’s unique Li’l Hoss Capri. On the first run, Rebecca’s car won by 0.059 seconds. The Capri’s ET was 0.988 and the Mustang 0.928. The second run saw the new 4-Gear chassis eclipse its older relative - a winning margin of 0.148 - giving Rebecca a 2-0 win. Her ET was 0.866 and Clive’s 0.996. Rebecca’s top speed was 6.158 mph.


Because both match-ups were 2-0 wins, there was time for the two winners and two runners-up to have another ‘winner-takes-all’ trip down the strip. Rob was ahead at halfway against Clive, but the Capri cruised past and won by 0.096 seconds. Clive’s ET was 0.998 and Rob’s 1.098.


The last Funny Car race saw the two Mustangs together. Both got away from the line pretty well, but the Blue Max bogged down. Rebecca got to the finish line in 0.849 of a second, 0.149 ahead of Doug, whose ET was 0.993. Rebecca matched her best top speed of 6.158 mph.


There was also time for some modern NHRA cars to match race - Dylan and Noah in Top Fuelers, with David and Doug in the lovely Pro Stock cars - all Auto World models with the 4-Gear chassis.


Dylan’s Alanabi dragster was just quick enough to win a tight contest by 0.011 seconds - his ET was 0.774 and his older brother’s 0.784. It looked like Noah’s Optima Top Fueler would take revenge second time out - he was leading the first half of the race. But then Dylan blew past to win by 0.024 seconds. The winning ET 0.751 and 8.074 mph top speed. Noah’s ET was 0.782.


The final action was a father-and-son match race between Doug in the Tony Pedregon Nitro Fish Pro Stock and David with the Shane Gray Tire Kingdom Mustang. NitroFish took the first race by 0.22 seconds, the ETs 0.867 vs 0.886. The order was reversed in the second race, David winning by 0.038 and the Ets 0.874 to 0.914. That gave us a third race to decide the match. It was a close one - it looked like David might grab it, but Doug came through to win by 0.020 seconds - the ETs 0.877 to 0.877. Result: 2-1 in favour of Doug.


And that's it for the racing. I'll be putting together all the info in a document for competitors and spectators to read and keep. Cars should be on their way back from Monday - unless you want me to hang on to them until next time. I shall be in touch individually.
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Thanks for the great coverage of the event and congratulations to the winners. Can’t wait for the next round. Could we see more cars for the next event? Thumbup Maybe some more classes?
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Thanks! And a big thanks to everyone who took part. Hopefully a few others will have looked in and might be tempted to send more cars next time...

The two Micro Scalextric classes are good entry-level ones for the UK. There's not too much work needed - and if you have a slow car, it doesn't break the bank to get a new one. The cars near the front were very smooth - so some serious running in of motor and gears - and then a little lube - is the priority. And with bigger tyres, something to prevent the nose lifting - that kills the power and the run. A wheelie bar or some weight in the front of the body, would be my suggestion.

The T-Jets are ideal on this strip - and a few WHO racers have them. They do need more work. Rebecca's AMX was straight out of the packet, run-in, lubed and some lovely Vincent wheels added all round - with narrow Super Tires at the back. Because the rear tyres were big, it needed about a gram of weight in the front of the body to keep the nose down. Plus the copper braids soldered onto the pick-ups, of course.

I am hoping that some of the match-racing will evolve into more standard classes - something that happened with real drag racing through the late 60s and early 70s. I would like us to race 4-Gears - either Nostalgia Funny Cars, resin Pro Mods (I love 'em) or maybe the AW Top Fuelers? Then there are the Aurora AFX 3-Gear cars (AFX and Magnatraction) and the updated Auto World and Johnny Lightning Xtraction version. But what bodies to choose for those?

Let's run what we did this week in July - and then add some 3-Gear match-racing in August and September. Maybe with pre-1960 road car, Gasser or Hot Rod bodies? There are some original Aurora cars and the AW/JL version around in the UK. And I am always very happy to add any requests to an order from Lucky Bob's in the US.

This summer series runs until the end of September. It may be that we're back racing at the Barn by then, but I'd still like to carry on these proxy races every couple of months - if there is some interest.
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I've gathered together all the results, reports, pics and some other useful info in a 16-page Fanzine-style booklet that's attached below as a pdf file attachment. It also includes the class regulations and where to buy cars and parts - useful if you're tempted to enter a car next time (go on - you know you want to...). There's also a drag racing glossary and the first in a series profiling the top five NHRA drag racers of all time. Enjoy!

.pdf South Coast HO Dragster #1.pdf Size: 6.45 MB  Downloads: 7,458
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ANdy - that is absolutely BRILLIANT!!!

Well done Wrench Wrench Wrench
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