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News Daniel Abt booted from Formula E for Pranking eSports

So what kit do you have to use to get the full experience? 

I'm imagining a clever seat, steering wheel and massive screen?

I love puttering with gears

OK, how about this... Connect up your eracing kit to your scalextric car! Little camera on the car etc.

Beats just having a hand throttle.

I love puttering with gears

I'm running the Fanatec CSL Elite F1 wheel and pedals. Which is about £700. So practically budget!  Rofl

Rig frame was £90 on Amazon but I don't recommend it. Too much flex in it and the wheel is too low.

Seat is a car seat a friend gave me.

You need a fairly decent graphics card (mine is a lower end 1060 3GB) in your PC and 16GB of RAM is preferable to 8GB.

And I've got an Oculus Rift CV1 which you can get on Gumtree for £200 now.

VR is what makes you feel into it and sitting in a seat with the wheel working against you.


Tried to sort the photo. Still the wrong way!

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So you wear a vr headset? How does that work with seeing the wheel to operate the buttons?

I love puttering with gears

Budget smudget  Rofl
This is a budget wheel set up:


Thrustmaster T300RS GT Edition.
£280 in April 2018.

No VR, just headphones and Mic  Talking 
Mostly used for Gran Turismo Sport on the PS4, but I have been known to play some PC titles.
I have tried iracing and apart from the graphics not being all that, I like the physics but I would rather pay for a game once and then maybe buy add-ons, not fond of monthly subs.
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Quote:OK, how about this... Connect up your eracing kit to your scalextric car! Little camera on the car etc.

Carrera was actually planning on releasing something like that I think this year... that was before the Revell takeover though I think.

When I have seen video of slot cars with cameras I find that unless they go very slowly they really can't be controlled ...

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