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Hello, Hello!

Hello everyone!

Obviously I'm new here and wanted to first say Hi and let you know why I'm here.

I've been working on a simple analogue track RMS using a Raspberry Pi and a lot of trial and error. This is the result:

The set up I have is a simple analogue track using a C8217 Scalextric Sport base that I have modified to have 2 small Reed sensors underneath (similar to the magnetic sensors you get on your doors/windows connected to a house alarm).

The magnets in the cars trigger the reed sensors when they pass over each lap. The sensors are connected to input pins on the Raspberry Pi, when the car passes over and triggers the sensor it completes a 3.3v circuit that the Raspberry Pi picks up and sends an 'event' to the code I have written that a lap has completed on the associated lane.

I've written a whole bunch of other bits to build a basic analogue track RMS you access from a web browser on any device connected to your home network, there's a race timer, shows lap times per lane, and fastest lap etc... you can set basic things like number off race laps, starting lights and driver names etc...

I'm now looking to broaden my ambition and see how I can use other power bases and Bluetooth (BLE) connections they offer

I do have an ARC One power base, which I don't use as I wasn't a fan of the app at the time (it was very buggy and often dropped connection) and decided to build my own RMS setup above.

However, I now understand the BLE protocol is publicly available for enthusiasts to use in their own projects. I'm hoping that it will offer me similar simple lap triggering functionality per lane and that it can easily connect to the Raspberry Pi via Bluetooth and I can intercept the data packets sent from the ARC One base when a lap is triggered and ditch the hard wired sensors.

If this works, then I'll probably go all-in and invest in an ARC Pro base, finally go 'Digital' and continue to develop my RMS in the public domain for the community to use

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Welcome aboard. Wavegreen 

The screenshots of you RMS look great, though the technical stuff is beyond me.

So I've been busy...

dvd3500 shared the Scalextric BLE protocol with me a few weeks back and I've been busy coding and reworking my custom RMS to use the data over Bluetooth from my analogue ARC One power base.

Available here, open sourced on GitHib and with further development planned, hopefully an ARC PRO on order soon to further this platform in to the modern era

[/url][url=]ARC One - X RMS

Not sure where to publish this on this forum and there is no specific Scalextric Analogue/Sport/SRC One forums I can see.
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