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Slot tracks are safe!

Great news...........copper kills the virus. LINK
Those of us with copper taped wooden tracks now have the perfect excuse for playing with our cars............."I'm staying safe in here dear till the thing is over." Rofl Rofl
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Quick everybody, lick your track or take a bite of the copper toilets he is selling........................ Rofl Rofl Rofl Rofl Rofl Wrench Wrench

We can all have race meetings now, just stroke your copper tape on arrival, and again once leaving.
Refreshments to be served in copper cups and plates.  Rofl

Our club resumes combat next week.

I shall request that anyone wanting to pass me has to first run to the corner of the room, lick the strategically placed copper toilet, then run back to their driver station. Rollingred
Alternately they may stick their tongue on the tinned copped braid, and to ensure the copper gets through the tin safely to their tongue, I shall inject electrons at 12V DC via my controller until they twitch and scream.  Ambulance

"Hey, where's Dave gone? "
"In the toilet, checking out the parallel black racing stripes on his tongue in the mirror"    Rofl Rofl
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