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How I learned to not really shop online or getting what you want in the 21st century

(25th-May-20, 12:43 PM)dvd3500 Wrote:  So my 15 year-old surround sound receiver gave up the electronic ghost over the weekend with a pop, whistle, smoke and squeal...

Now I was thoroughly happy with the system.
It was a 6.1 system (look it up) that handled all my favorite sound formats.

It had a phono input for the two times per year I listen to vinyl and all the other digital and analog inputs I needed.

Great sounds through Canton speakers.

Thanks to little add-ons it was even Bluetooth enabled!

Now I want the new system to be plug and play as much as possible.

When you try to google ANYTHING related to surround systems I discover I am in the realm of "I understand every word on this page but I still have no idea what it says".

After 30 minutes of finding NOTHING and I mean NOTHING I twigged and called the place I bought  it from all those years ago.

Their store is closed for some pandemic or something but luckily they have a decent website.
I literally went to the specials page, sorted by price, and clicked on the receivers looking for a phono connection and BAM... found one.

Did a double check that it works with my TV (which is over 10 years old at this point) and went ahead and bought it.

The point it is, there was a time in the early 2000s you could start with a search engine and actually FIND something other than just noise.

While I was at it I thought about my BluRay player getting up there.... My favorite brand was Philips as they could be unlocked to play American DVDs ... I can't even find out if  they make BluRay players anymore!

When you google "does philips still make bluray players" you don't get anything that really answers that

From what I can tell they make a 4K UHD BluRay player in 2018 so likely they have stopped. But do I know that for sure?!

So while we can get access to "stuff" we really get no knowledge or closure.

Kudos to the shop I am buying from though. Once I figured out what model I wanted they were on every price search that popped up. Sure they cost more than ama-zon but there is fun about picking things up on your own.

My son wants a PC for his birthday and I am dreading that as the last PC I bought was 2007 from Aldi and the last one I built was 2004 or 2005. I have no idea where to start and google is of course no help whatsoever..
Wow, Canton - they make excellent loudspeakers for the price! I used to install them back in 2002-3 What new AVR did you get? And about the computer - I'm guessing he wants a Gaming PC - if so, head over to Tom's Hardware and build one from their spec. They have specs from all price brackets - you buy the parts and put it all together, then install the OS and away you go! Super Dad!!

I used to frequent Tom's a long time ago... Thanks for the tip (actually reminder...)!

Yes he wants a gaming PC but I have a stack of about 100 video tapes of various formats that need digitizing as well..

I ended up with a Denon 1500. Apart from sound sometimes not coming through (I haven't figured out if it is a not-to-spec HDMI cable or that I am turning things on in the wrong order) it is working well.

It turns out I probably could have doe with about 1 or 2 more HDMI inputs but so far it all works.

The sound does sound better IMHO probably because you can use the TV to adjust things.

You're welcome for the reminder. I replaced my Denon 1500 with an Integra DHC 80.3. It's nice but I only use it as an HDMI video switch.

Back to the topic of the thread - Amazon has changed the world into predominantly ordering online. Change of the tide, and I'm all for it. I only wish I could get the pricing offered online in a local store - then I'd buy more local. There is the occasional local purchase because I want it now, but that's rare.

Johnno - why do you think the guy responded to you on the phone like that? Do you think it's because you've asked for an Enterprise level piece of hardware at a shop that mostly deals with consumer grade and below? I can't imagine it's all because of a 7% savings. Sounds like he's cutting his nose off to spite his face (an American saying).

The Denon had been returned by another customer without ever having being used so I got a good deal... :-)

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