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Anyone remember these old relics?

The Track not MT...





Is the last picture some sort of forced perspective or is that really a hill?

Yes it was really a hill.

Another shot, it was Presto Park in Norwich 50+ years ago.

I have enlarged it if you click on it.


Mike Harvey who now runs the reincarnated Presto Park has the original plans for the track would love to rebuild it if premises and funds were available.
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Love the hill - how about a switchback?
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Brilliant! what club was it.

Whatever was the lap length and is that a row of 5 or 6 humpback bridges?

Was the piece I highlighted part of it.


It is an RAF airbase club near Louth in Lincolnshire. The picture was taken in 1966 and the track is long defunct. The guy in uniform, facing camera, is my next door neighbour. He is currently trying to remember how long it was and what the humpback things were, possibly a separate rally track but he is not sure. Will let you know if he comes up with a definitive answer.

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