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Footbridge at the Circuit do Soleil

Please Note that my track is a Work in Progress!
This is the CALTEX footbridge that crosses over the main straightaway of the Circuit du Soleil.
Circuit du Soleil is a mythical track set in late 60's - early 70's France. I am in the process of re-doing a lot of my scenery to give a more "European" flavor to reinforce that illusion.
There was an similar bridge at the old Spa-Francorchamps trach @ 1968, and, I believe, one at Clermont-Ferrand. I have also seen pics from other tracks from that period of CALTEX * BORON advertising.

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Hello RaceGamer,   That certainly looks European to me.


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Track looks wonderful - would love to see more pics please!!!

(23rd-May-20, 02:14 PM)abie321 Wrote:  Track looks wonderful - would love to see more pics please!!!

Seconded  Bigsmile

Very nice - and yes, the Caltex puts it right at Spa!!!  Don't forget the UNIROYAL tires too!!! (have a banner if you need one!)


Oh Racegamer --should have added that I have some Uniroyals I can make copies of if you haven't seen any in a while...

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