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What happened to MRRC?

... There is an Ebay listing for some figures that look like ones above £4.99, 20 hours to go and no bids.


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Hi Leo , I think they maybe old style Scalextric ,not a bad price though so far .


They are about 30 minutes up the Autobahn from me (or 15 if I can get her over 200 kmh).
They are very active in slot racing in general but Carrera has the market cornered (just like Scalextric is synonymous with slot racing in UK and her [former] colonies Carrera is slot racing here) in particular for 1/32 scale.
Scratch/kit building is more of a 1/24 (or1/25) scale thing here.
I don't know why.

They host (ed) regular events and even had a class for MRRC stuff but that has all been paused...

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