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Slot cars ..

What is with this growing trend of some manufacturers making ridiculous wheel arches ?
If you are putting a wheel that totals 20mm diameter on a car stock, make the arch suitable for that. If tuners want to use larger wheels or have more room for body/pod movement it isn't difficult to open them out.
I mean how ridiculous does this look ?


I installed a 1mm offset pod with 21mm OD tyres and still had a gap at the top, so I will need to put 1mm spacers to lift the pod up to get the look right.
I am less fussed for cars I will race, but not on this, put the race sized wheels in there and it looks even more crazy bad.
Nope its going to be made to look right and run at home.

And while I am at it, a common method I use to buy axles for cars is to go 10-12mm shorter than the width to the outside edges of the tyre. So this car at the front, is around 63mm, why the heck have they supplied 45mm axles ? By the time you space them to the right position there is hardly anything left of the wheel on the axle. The  Sideways group 5 cars now cost the same as the better spec'd GT3 cars from Sideways so why the heck are they cutting corners ?

Don't even get me started on the UK importers inability to order in a reasonable timescale, and then only get some of the stuff that's been released ( no white kits of this car, no body only kit, no chassis, no spare wings in either stock or flexy flavour … grrrrrrr  Angry

You must love a challenge  Bigsmile
It's nice to buy an NSR and run it right out of the box but sometimes it's fun to take something on that you know just won't work as soon as you drop it on the setup plate 

My top4 "out of the box" cars
1 NSR Mosler
2 ThunderSlot Lola
3 NSR 86 /89
4 Spirit Peugeot Touring car 

My top 3 "That took a lot of work" cars 
1. Revell Lindler/Nocker E type Jaguar Steamliner 
2. SRC Capri
3. Ninco Ford GT
4. Sideways BMW M1


That thing must surely be a contender for 'ugliest slot car of the decade.'

@Nonfractual - TBH OOTB is pretty decent in performance terms, just the rear tyres need swapping out.
Surprised your Sideways M1 needed much, they are pretty good although for the club I prefer the Scaleauto M1

@Brian - Its certainly a marmite car IRL, the arches on the slotcar don't help its cause.
Beauty is in the eye of the beyholder so they say. The real thing is undeniably animalistic, and sounds it too.
Circa 500 bhp from a 2 litre turbo in the early 80's was not too shabby.


Ooh Brian - nnoooooo - maybe I am biased because I got up close and personal with the real thing.

Remember it was time of box cars - remember the later Escorts?
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Still very much W.I.P. as I will likely lift the axle line front and rear once I get the chassis straightened and settle on the tyres, but IMO it improves the look.
The actual car ran 19" rears and 16" fronts, with what is there now it is scaled a little over 19" rears and  spot on 17" fronts.
I do, however, have some just under 16" scale fronts coming too.

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Savage GT are these the staffs wheels you have fitted ? they do look good on the car

No Staffs would be way small at the rear, and too deep dish at the front.  Rofl 

Its actually Mitoos at the rear (19x11) and Scaleauto Sebring 16.9x8.5 at the front, although I will fit Sloting Plus America 15.9x8.5 at the front with taller profile tyres as they arrived today.
This will give me front and rears both within 0.3mm (or scaled up to 2/5ths of an inch out).

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