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Lola mk6 Fatty

I just love this car. It is such a brute. 

It was one of 3 originally built by Lola cars between 1962 and 1963. It is rated as the fist sports car to be mid- engined. It had a 289ci Ford v8. Eric Briadley managed to make this spec of car when the  transverse colotti gearbox was made. It also had an aluminium monocoque, although lgt 2 with a steel tub was produced first and raced by Tony Maggs at Silverstone and Nurburgring, while the aluminium tub was finished for Le Mans. This car was Lgt2 which was sold to the American Mecom racing team. The Ford mayor broke on lap 4 in its first race and was replaced by the Traco tuned 6 litre Chevy v8 and it became a fatty to take the motor. 

This is the Ghostmodels version of that cat
I have used PSR chassis and a set of BWA wheels that I gave had for years in the spares box. 






This is the story so far.
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THis is the 1:1 car-



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Looks great Anthony  Thumbup...........very clean and "Simple"  Bigsmile

Chris Walker

Lol Chris

Still gotta do decals and finish it

Very nice.

Cortina rear lights, by the look of them.
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Yup - Broadley used the Ford parts to make up the car initially.....

Lovely job!
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Just about done. Added a colotti gearbox




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Very smart. Thumbup

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