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1/24 Cox driver x 10 resin repop

Hello ladies and gentlemen,
I have this lot for sale. There are two types. One is the Ford GT40 style where the original was two vertical halves. The other is from a Lotus 40 perhaps?
Price is 20.00GBP plus shipping

There are four of this one
[Image: 0-B263-A64-E3-C3-4-FDD-A9-B7-C31-E441-EF525.jpg]

and six of this one
[Image: 69-D235-D3-7-D7-F-41-A0-B1-A9-41-F2021-DAA89.jpg]
[Image: 4-AC9-BD24-880-A-4-E81-8-F76-484-C69-CCFDCD.jpg]

These were repopped with the original hollow out in the back
[Image: 0-E07220-A-190-B-4688-AED0-949-B83-FBA950.jpg]
You might see that fault on the drivers head lower right cheek....that has been corrected with a remould of the head and clean casts will be provided.
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I will take them - thanks..... will contact you off line Thumbup Thumbup Thumbup

Thanks Anthony

Bagged and ready.

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