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HO Drag Proxy June 2020 SIGN-UP
#11 no one else apart from me used your event as an excuse to practice with their new felt tip pens.

I love puttering with gears
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Not yet...

I love what everyone has done with their cars so far - whether pens, paint, decal paper or a combination. My Street Stock car looks plain in comparison...


And my T-Jet is also a production livery...


That's the Auto World 'Legends of the Quarter Mile' Hubert Platt 'Georgia Shaker' Ford Thunderbolt. The hubs have been changed to Vincent Wheels.

I'd better pull my finger out on the Micro Scalextric Super Stock car - it is out of the isopropanol bath and ready for the spray booth.

Some more arrivals have exited quarantine - a pair of Audi TTs from Worthing to compete in Street Stock.

Peter's Audi is silver...


And Jerome's is red...


We also have four cars for Rebecca. First her Porsche Boxster Street Stock car and a Nissan 350Z for Super Stock...


Her car for the T-Jet Nostalgia Super Stock class is a 1969 AMC AMX...


That's the Auto World 'Legends of the Quarter Mile' AMX-1 car, although it may well be changed for Shirley Shahan's 'Drag-on-Lady' AMX, when the decals arrive from the States. Another AW 'Legends' cars is the Shirley Muldowney 'Bounty Huntress' Ford Mustang Funny Car that will appear in the match racing...

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They all look stunning, and even more impressive when you consider their size.

I love puttering with gears
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Dang...  wishing I had chromed the wheels on my Jaguar.  Next time!


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The latest arrivals - and probably the last - are the Team Chesterfield entries (Doug, David, Noah and Dylan), plus a couple of Micro cars dropped off by Terry today.

I'll post pictures of the new arrivals later - but it's looking a great turn-out for this week's action Sun

Here are some pics of the final arrivals, ready for scrutineering today and qualifying tomorrow. First, Terry's two Micro Scalextric Team Rally hatchbacks - one for Street Stock and one for Super Stock...


The Chesterfield boys get top marks for packaging...


Inside were Doug's Lightning McQueen Street Stock car and a lovely little '38 Ford Coupe T-Jet...


Doug also has a Legends of the Quarter Mile Funny Car entered into the match racing...


David has sent just an Aston Martin DBR9 for Street Stock, although may be involved in some NHRA Pro Stock match racing with his dad...


Nine-year-old Noah has a Ford Focus WRC in Street Stock and a '41 Willys Coupe in T-Jet Super Stock...


And seven-year-old Dylan also has a Focus and a '41 Coupe...


If we have time, Dylan and Noah will be match racing in the Chesterfield Top Fuelers.

That's it for the sign-up process. I'll post up the event coverage thread in the next 24 hours.
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Well, I thought it was all over... but Rob H has snuck in at the very last minute. He'll make a guest appearance in the 'Fighting Irish' Funny Car and run a Ford Focus in Micro Scalextric Super Stock. He's also raring to go to send some Heaton Specials to the race next month, on 7-8 July.


If I've added up everything correctly on my fingers, that's 17 entrants, 31 cars in the 3 classes, plus four pairs of match race cars. I am delighted and excited.
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So how many fingers have you got Andy?
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