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BRM 1/24 Mini - any tips?

Just bought a used one - well, it's more like 'second owner' - boxed and looks unused. Liked the look of them at Gaydon but didn't like the price.

Done all the oiling as per BRM's YouTube advice but have to admit to not having Loctited all the screws. Also, as per several reviewers comments, have fitted the low profile front tyres supplied in the box. The standard rubber - rubs!  (Can't understand why they'd supply it fitted with 'oversized' fronts but acknowledge they're a problem by supplying replacements in the box!)

Anyway - anyone got other tips to get the best out of the STOCK car? Is BRM's reference to adjusting the 'Convergance' actually a reference to the camber? If so has anyone found the Mini works better with the camber 'dialled out'?

To be fair though, it runs really nicely, especially with the low profile fronts and is very stable/predictable as it is.
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I bought the Escort. Mine was super noisy and felt a bit under powered on my routed track. I replaced the gears with a Scaleauto set and used a Scaleauto 21.5K motor. It runs well and is much quieter than it was. At least it no longer sounds like a rock crusher when it runs.

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Search on youtube for revoslot tune ups , same chassis but more tuning hints & tips.
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Nice one  Thumbup

Thank you!

thank you

My brm mini had the rear undersill interefing with the chassis, preventing float. A little filing in this are allowed float. Next we use brm rubber tyres, glued and trued on rears. A little weight, central  behind front axle improved handling no end. Yes loctite the screws or they will come loose, same as with the transams as well.

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