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Price of 1/32 figures

John ( munter) the blue guy sitting down ,is looking a lot like me , with not getting any exercise during lockdown  Wrench

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(6th-May-20, 10:49 PM)slotloco Wrote:  Anyone own a 3D resin printer to comment on cost and ease of use ?

I design and make custom 3D printed figures for 1/64 scale. But if there is enough market, they could easily be scaled up to 1/32, 1/24, and even 1/18th scales. Check out my post on 1/64th figures in this scenery section.

But I don't use FDM printers for my car bodies, or figures. Their print quality just isn't good enough for fine details. They're fine for printing chassis. Or track structures. But the finest Most FDM printers can go with upgraded nozzles is a 0.25mm bead. The resin printer I use on its default setting prints at 0.05mm, and can go down to 0.01mm (though it will take a LOT longer to print that fine).

Here's a 1/64 scale driver head I modeled printed at 0.05mm layer height. (It's for use in Chaparral 2H and Vintage F1 cars - see HO section).

I downloaded a couple from Thingiverse which are fine for random crowd poses. But for Pit Crew series, I model them from scratch in 3D and fully rig them (like puppets) so I can put them into any pose needed.

Here's a bunch from my first first series. Working on seated spectators next... clapping, cheering, drinking, doing the wave, etc.

And a custom posed pit crew figure with gas can.


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Jim @ [url=]HWP Slot Cars[/url]
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WASP are now printing 1:32 figures in Resin.  Recent conversation on Facebook featured a "Grandfather and Grandchild" figure.  I bought a couple along with some others.
Figure 37

Ebay Linky


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    I've been able to find these on Cults3d, they're listed as 1/24 but with 3d printing can be scaled to any size in the slicer! These two are printed in 1/24 scale with a filment printer  at 0.4. I could do with a steadyer hand and some better painting skills! LOL


I'm new to this group and have just seen this link. I produce my own figures and I've been selling them to my Facebook group Members and now on eBay. I totally agree with you in relation to cost of figures. I have two layouts up in my loft and the prospect of buying all those figures did not appeal. I went rouge and got my own printer, I'm now working on getting a range of figures designed. so far I have 11 marshals and 13 Tv crew, I sell at £2 each to group members and for slightly more on eBay. (yes I still make a profit on that!, on materials rather than time)

My aim is to supply reasonable quality figures at reasonable prices. 

I don't do this as a business its more generating money to cover new projects and to fund my FB group. 

If anyone is interested then please touch base with me via email

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Example of Marshals on my track.

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