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Info ARC BLE Available: Check it out here

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I have been given permission by Hornby to distribute the ARC BLE.

 I can make it available under the following conditions:
1. While no NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) is required I ask for you to respect any and all IP (Intellectual Property) also of other users
2. Please post your progress here, using the forum features to gather user input and work on proactively improve the ARC experience
3. Accept that I cannot support you technically in any capacity as I am not a developer. My keyless entry of my car confounds me!
4. Accept that I cannot divulge my connections to Hornby at this time. This may sound like an odd request but for many reasons: Legal, personal and practical I have to state this up front. 
5. I will ask you to provide some contact information simply to keep track of what is going on. These will all be stored and processed according GDPR (EU data protection) laws.
6. Be nice!

I think that is all.
Contact me by PN and we can go from there.
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Not being a software engineer working on a Scalextric app, I'm not entirely sure what this means.
Was this information not already available to those who requested it? Isn't this the information MAGIC has been using to develop his app?
Or, is this something new or different that will allow more or faster development?
What I'd like to see is the firmware itself being provided to developers, so we can get some fixes and improvements like we did for the C7030 and C7042.
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The firmware/USB protocol is still under wraps I am afraid.

I can't give the whole story publicly but basically the request process has changed.

Instead of requesting from the forum Admin at Scalextric or through their customer services you can contact me.

The engagement model has changed. That is all.

No new information with regards to the BLE I am afraid. The information is the same as was released in 2018.

My personal hope is with people having more free time there may be more interest in creating an APP by someone else.

I know there is one guy out there that wants to make a Mac compatibility version for example.

Having said that, with more interest this could increase Scalextric's willingness to  give out more info. That is only speculation on my part though.

Does that help?

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