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Premier Sports TV

I subscribe to Premier Sports so I can get live coverage of NASCAR races. A week ago I lost access to the channel without warning and, on checking my bank account, found they had not taken any money since January. The direct debit was still active and I definitely hadn't cancelled the subscription.

They are not easy to get hold of at the best of times but they have now shut their call centre and are just sending gibberish auto replies to emails so I haven't a clue what went wrong and can't get it sorted. Not a major problem as they are only showing Iracing at the moment and that gets repeated on FreeSports anyway.

Today....wait for it.......I got an email from them............they are really missing me and I can get the next three months free if I rejoin! Is it me that's crackers or the rest of the world?

Eurosport player have been automatically extending my subscription on a month by month basis at the moment 

Which is nice.

I love gears (& urethanes)

In the early days of alternative gas and electricity suppliers a salesman convinced me that I should change to Yorkshire Electricity (which is now defunct).
I don't remember exactly what happened but for several months Yorkshire Elec claimed my existing supplier wouldn't transfer my account and my original supplier insisted it had all been done. 
Eventually I gave up and told Yorkshire Elec I didn't want them to be my supplier and my original supplier took me back.

By then over 6 months had elapsed since I first tried to change supplier. Yorkshire Elec wouldn't send me a bill as they reckoned they had never taken on my supply and my original supplier wouldn't bill me for the 6 months as they said I was a customer of Yorkshire Elec for that period.
In the end I gave up and over 10 years later I still haven't had a bill for six months worth of gas and elec .

So if Premier Sports reckon you closed your account I would suggest that you just smile nicely, take the 3 months free subscription for agreeing to become a customer again and sit back and enjoy the NASCAR and the Polish Speedway. There are times when people are so incompetent that you just can't help them.
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