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What is ULTIMA? Ultima is when both PEARL and Anti Collision functions on the Scorpius system are used simultaneously. 
I have set it up this way because some will use both, some will use just Anti Collision (AC), some will use just PEARL. (Programmable Electronically Activated Race Line). 
Everyone has different needs or likes here and we have that added flexibilty.


PEARL is as mentioned programmable and able to be customised to anyones liking.
Some notes on PEARL:

1) The "Race Line" is stored on the car decoder and is 100% a function of the car. The Lane Brain (Lane changer electronics) have no role. They just do what theyre told [Image: smile.gif]

2) You can choose to use or not use PEARL.

3) You can have certain drivers use PEARL and other drivers NOT use PEARL.

4) Everyone can have their own unique PEARL. ie race line.

5) Every driver who elects to use PEARL can escape the race line at any lane changer by pushing the LC button.

6) ULTIMA has total flexibility in every conceivable way.

7) Can work on single LCs and XLCs (2 LBS required at XLCs)

8) XLCs are not required and not really recommended, but can be used.

11) Livened flippers are standard equipment. Exit flippers can be active (move) or passive (not move) but can be livened none the less.

12)Can be utilised on hybrid analogue/digital tracks

13)Can be used bi-directionally.

14)Can be used on 2, 3, 4 or more lane tracks.

14) Does your washing up, vaccuums and more.

How is Anti Collision configured?

AC is totally a function of the Lane Brain relying off data from the cars. LEDs are placed in the track before the lane changer. The Lane Change LED is placed around 120-200mm (distance is relative to speed) before the flipper. The AC LED is in the adjacent lane (The lane the cars change into) a further 120-200 before the LC LED.
Using the Lane Brain set up page you can configure AC and lots of other adjustable parametrs.

ie, Put the LED a fraction too far from the flipper? Easy, use delay.
    Wired solenoid back to front? Easy, tick "Swap Flippers"
    Using a pit lane entry, the liven flipper polarity will be set up to change lanes the other way. Need to change liven flipper polarity? Easy, just change polarity.
    Want anti collision? Easy just tick the box,. Dont want it just untick.
    Exit flipper opens and closes before the car passes through? Just increase the delay time.

How does Anti Collision work?

Its ultra simple. If the AC LED is noticed by a car it deactivates the lane changer for 50 milliseconds. Works every time.

How to set up PEARL?

Go into controller menu and activate "PEARL learn"
Drive around the track on YOUR prefered race line.
Put controller in PEARL "on" mode.
Thats it.
Place car on track, it will now drive your race line without using the LC button.
Want to "eascape" the race line, Just press the LC button. It will change a "LC command" to non cjhange. Likewise if its default is straight you can change lanes by activationg LC button.

Neat trick for pits

Sick of missing your pit bay? Press too early or too late. Hop the car over the pit lane entry by lifting and replacing. Drive car down pit lane and teach you car to pull into your pit bay. Now back to PEARL "On". Now never miss a pit bay entry again.

Of course a video is on the cards. We have done some considerable work with Ultima firmware.

Improvements included are compatibility with standard car firmware V5.0. This allows the car to also work with LBV6.0 (standard version). To achieve this we rewrote the car to LB protocol.

Next we have a new improved the configuration program to allow better configure the exit flipper gate open time. This is handy for slow sections.

Also improved is an added delay function so the time between entry and exit flippers operating can be adjusted according to length of lane changer and car speed.

 See link, unzip and store to desktop, update LB.

The default firmware is from left to right. To get Right to Left please use config program.

This is a beta release.


Beta version V1,0

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