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NTRA Smoky Mountain Spring Nationals HO drag proxy


NTRA Smoky Mountain Spring Nationals, Knoxville, Tennessee
May 22nd to 24th 2020

With club racing suspended for the moment, I am very tempted to get back into some HO drag proxy racing. The NTRA group at is a friendly, fun and competitive bunch. If the postal services in the UK and US continue to function, I will aim to be on the start line.

I've had cars compete at Smoky Mountain before. It is a scale 1,000ft (15.5 feet) strip routed from Sintra (PVC) and fitted with continuous HO rails. It is powered at 20 volts, lowered to 18 volts for the Pro Street Outlaws competition. The Trackmate DP2000 system is used for timing.

There are five classes and two 'Outlaw' competitions taking place next month...

  1. Inline Stock
  2. Inline Super Stock
  3. Inline Pro Mod 2.5
  4. Inline Unlimited
  5. Index 1.0
  6. Pro Street Outlaws
  7. Four Gear Outlaws
The full details are here:

This will be the third NTRA race weekend of 2020 and there are further proxy events in July (Pennsylvania) and September (Texas).
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The race is next weekend - 98 entries so far!

I was getting a bit nervous, but my four cars arrived in Tennessee yesterday...


However, Mazda’s cars easily beat mine in the race across the Atlantic.
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    I was surprised how quickly mine got there as we sent them the same day.

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