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I thought that I would start a DiSCA WEC themed thread in order to create a single source of knowledge on the topic where previously, individual queries or sharing of knowledge might have been spread across various locations.

My interest in the topic stems from a desire to compete in the DiSCA WEC Race Series at some point. My interest in slot car racing was re-kindled last year after a 40 year gap, and the whole digital racing scene that has started up in the meantime has just got my juices flowing! Just to clarify, I am not an expert on the topic and am very much hoping that if nothing else, I will learn from others who have been doing this longer than me, or who are simply more technically skilled than I am at the moment. This is my current Work in Progress, a Scaleauto Porsche 991 RSR...


So, without further ado, lets start the thread, and what better to start with than the current DiSCA WEC Rulebook!

.pdf WEC_2020_v1.pdf Size: 1.77 MB  Downloads: 5
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So the original press release for the 2020 races issued in November 2019 read as follows: -

2020 UK DiSCA oXigen Championship: GT3 and WEC
We are pleased to announce the inaugural UK oXigen digital GT3 and WEC championship held by UK clubs.
The championship will be held over 3 weekends from July to November between Rockingham and North Staffs Slot Car Clubs. The technical rules will follow those established by the Digital Slot Car Association (DiSCA).



Technical ruleset as per latest WEC rules. Available from


3 rounds of WEC (LMP1, LMP2, GT) taking place on the Sunday of each weekend (a practice session is available on the Saturday after the GT3 meeting concludes), consisting of 6 hour races for teams of two or more. Tyres will be handouts and the aim is to also provide handout motors.


Points awarded for pole position (2pts), fastest lap (2 pts) and finishing position per class (20, 16, 14, 12, 10, 9, 8, 7….). Points could also be awarded for race position at 3 hrs.


Round 1: Rockingham Slot Car Club, Sunday July 26th


Round 2: North Staffs Slot Car Club, Sunday Oct 4th


Round 3: Rockingham Slot Car Club, Sunday December 6th (revised date)


Entry to the championship is £5 per person (covers GT3 and WEC), which will cover trophies. Any surplus being used to purchase prizes for an end of championship raffle.


Best 2 of 3 rounds count towards championship. In the event of a tie, points scored in the other round will be used to determine the position of those tied.
Entry to each event will be managed by the respective clubs.  Note you will not have to enter the championship to race at each event, but priority will be given to those parties whom have entered the championship.

Hello Jeremy, and all other Slotfriends.

Only noticed that you've started an additional chat/topic for DiSCA WEC.
Again a good initiative, and I can understand your quest for more information..although as some members have pointed out...looks like you, Alan and me are the only 3 interested and active building cars for DiSCA racing on this forum ;)
If there is one thing that I would name as DiSCA's greatest asset then that would be the willingness of all its competitors to share their experiences with those looking to acquire it.

So yes besides the tutorials posted on the DiSCA website and questions asked and answered on its FB page, I would welcome a place here to for slotters to chat on DiSAC WEC matters 

But using one thread/topic for all DiSCA WEC related topics will be more of a challenge as where GT3 only has one class the WEC has 3.
Besides the GT LM there's also LMP1 and LMP2 so a much broader spectrum of cars and possible questions.
Last but not least, a lot of material has already been posted on this and other fora.

So what I would suggest is to keep this 2nd post in the topic "editable" by the moderators and use it to collect links to other post that contain DiSCA WEC related topics.
I'd be more than happy to copy paste some of my content over from other sources. Like I have already done with the build posts on some of my cars.

With kind regards

Ford GT LM
Porsche 991 GTE

Oreca 07

Hi Tamar. Thank you for your thoughts.

I was torn between creating a WEC thread or just a WEC GT one. I decided on a single WEC one as the three classes share one track, so why not share one thread...If you think there are more differences than similarities between the classes, then perhaps three threads would be better than one.

I share your interest in sharing, and whilst individual 'event' threads will still have a place, I put the word 'Chat' in the thread title as I thought this could be the place where competitors and enthusiasts could come to between events to analysis success, understand failure, and generally create a bit of community and continuity across each Championship. 

Of course, what we are lacking at the moment in the UK is the DiSCA WEC race championship! So in the absence of any 2020 race chat, I kicked off the thread with a bit of GT tech and will be following that up having received some good honest advice in my 'Chassis' thread. They will not be comparable with your journals (which gave me the confidence to give slot car tuning a try), so to create a library of links in your post is a perfect example of how this thread can work, for me anyway, and I hope for other.

With all this time on my hands to think, have gone for a change in spec...

Out with the sidewinder pod, in with the Scaleauto RT4 anglewinder 


There's something slightly satisfying about having a Flat-6 motor in your Porsche slot car...)

Lexan interior and glass delivered. 
Acrylic paints in the post. 
Surechange guide in the post
Lighting kit collecting dust...

I love gears 
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Hello Jeremy

Will be most interesting to see how the two will compare,  for me the SW small can has brought the most satisfaction ;)
Looking forward to your results

With kind regards
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Hi Tamar

Yes...rather grandly, in the interests of slot car racing development, I came to the conclusion there was nothing to be gained by simply following the path you had set (whilst also failing to match your technique and craftsmanship). Who knows which way it will go! 

I have not found any guidance on how to set up the clips and springs that come in the kit, so it will be an interesting learning exercise.

I love gears 

I think I am going to contact Scaleauto to see if they can give me some tuning advice (and any spare bits from their parts bin)...

I love gears 

Spent a bit of time looking at what little bits came with the motor pod, and what I had in stock, and came up with this arrangement (for now...)


So having swapped springs around and felt what difference it made to the feel of the chassis, I went for the medium strength springs mid-ships to do the main work, and softer ones at the rear to work with the guide tabs. The front pivot utilises a MrSlotcar damping kit. 

There are a few clips and braces left in the pack, but it is short on the bolts that would allow me to do this...
And when you look at it for a while, you start to see how the clips will tie the various elements of the chassis together to allow you to tune it front to back, and side to side.

Also fitted a Surechange guide, as it would be difficult to find an obvious place to drill a hole for the IR LED. Looking forward to seeing how that works.
And finally, very pleased that the gear I wanted to use was lime green; goes well with the orange chassis!

I love gears 
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(20th-May-20, 09:50 AM)Tamar Wrote:  ...for me the SW small can has brought the most satisfaction ;)

and a 10g weight saving over the Flat-6 motor. 

I will need to try and make that extra weight work in my favour!

I love gears 

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