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Truspeed Controllers


I'm wondering if there is any benefit to be had by buying a Truspeed controller for home use, on the basis that: -

I get familiar with the 'feel'
I get familiar with all the knobs

and will feel more comfortable with using them at WHO Digital events.

Or is it the case that being unfamiliar with the track layout at each WHO will override any benefit of being familiar with the controller?

[Obviously I will probably struggle to find any available at the moment...]

I would have thought the benefit was just having one to use at all.

If it wasn't for the fact that they use the wrong digit, I would still have one, it's a great controller. At least the MT11 I had was, I assume it's the one you mean.

Gordon, we are talking digital controllers here.

Jeremy, what do you use at home now?

What do you use at the club?

Home: Scalextric Digital C7002 Hand Throttle


I just have a test track at home without any lane changers, so I am thinking more about throttle and braking characteristics...

I assume you are borrowing the Truspeed at the club? If so then recommend you get one of your own so you are comfortable with the controls all the time and can learn the different settings at your leisure. May be sometime before Steve has fresh stock so plenty of time to save up for it. Bigsmile
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(1st-Apr-20, 02:50 PM)CMOTD Wrote:  Gordon, we are talking digital controllers here.

Ah sorry, foreign language Talking
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Jeremy - it's never a bad idea to get used to the club equipment at home. The layout of the Truspeed SSD controllers is the same as the standard C7002 Scalextric digital controllers, although the 'feel' is different. The feel and driving technique is also quite different when RCS64 is running. We use RCS64 without dynamic braking, which means using the brake button on the controller. There are also software characteristics to deal with - less power and slightly delayed braking after a pit stop (to simulate a full fuel tank / cold tyres), plus retarded braking with weather changes or worn tyres.

I am pretty sure Steve will not be producing any more SSD IV controllers, although he has said he's currently developing a new wireless SSD controller - but not whether this is for the older powerbases or ARC Pro. An alternative would be the SSD III, which is identical apart from being a wired design - and will plug into any of the powerbases the C7002 works with. I have occasionally seen second-hand SSD IIIs for sale. I am sure the SSD III will remain in production. Steve is currently waiting on handles to arrive from China. He has the electronics ready for when they arrive.

As I said, the Truspeed SSD controllers and the C7002 are very similar in layout. However, the SCP controllers used for oXigen are absolutely not! That was the biggest learning curve for us turning up to an oXigen event the first (and second) time. It's a big advantage to get to know the SCP controls at your lesiure (and with Alan Nonfractal's expert advice) - not something I've done properly yet. We've all been waiting for the oXigen SCP3 controller for quite a while and it in the last stages of beta testing. The current options are either the SCP2 or SCP1 with oXigen cartridge (SCP201H or SCP01H) - which will be £100-£130. The oXigen cartridge (O202A) is also available separately.
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I have I think, version 1 and 2 I.  The latest version is better as the earlier ones did  have a tendancy to break leads at the exit to the controller but that has been fixed.   However even that issue did not outweigh the advantages.  Scaley controllers need regular maintenance or they become erratic and can lose the zero point.    THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED with either of my Truespeed controllers.   They are much smoother to use.  My5 year old Grandson (at the time) could drive round the track with a Truespeed but not a Scaley controller.  So I agree with the rest, get one and use it all the time to get the best of it.  I suspect that its like bikes, they make them almost identical but you get used to yours and set it up your way.
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