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Lockdown 2020 - WHO Racing Show & Tell

Quick post whilst waiting for spaceX to launch its first human cargo..

Good luck guys..will have my fingers crossed for you

Gonna watch you go over in about an hour...

Something not quite in the same league...

Nice bit of pattoes on some inline bodies..Blimey applying these is addictive



Just the Tide to complete...
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Looking good Mike. Aborted launch for SpaceX sadly.

Fabulous work Mike!

My spray booth is up and running - so hoping to make the most of this ideal painting weather. A mix of HO and 1/32 cars are ready to go in the isopropanol bath and there's a WHO Taurus near the front of the queue.

Here's a quick update on the WHO calendar...


The July WHO Mod and WHO Digital events are now cancelled. Lockdown is being eased slowly, but with 20+ people spending a few hours indoors, it'll be a while before our events are possible - especially if the current 2 metre social distancing measures continue. I will keep the August dates in play for the moment, but I suspect the Digital Saturday in September is the first event that is a realistic possibility – and that might well change! I will review the calendar again for the start of next month.
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Work in progress on my Kinrara class Ferrari 250 GTO.
Upgraded drivetrain and rear wheels as per regs, which should add a bit of weight to the rear end to offset the motor at the front. It now seems to have have more of a 50/50 split, which should be a good starting point for tuning.

Think I have found room for the digital chip next to the rear body mount post, and the lighting chip seems like it will fit to the underside of the parcel shelf. They will both probably get sprayed with grease off the gears so might think about some sort of covering for them.

Drilled the rear body and headlights for the led lights. Linked my hobby rotary tool to my variable power supply and to my surprise it worked a treat. Now I can do much more delicate work with it...which is nice.

I love puttering with gears
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So I spent a few evenings fiddling with six cable routes between the chip at the rear and the motor, guide and remote LED at the front, and I just could not find a route round the cabin/seats. There was just no space under the seats for the wires, along with the need to avoid the drive shaft and rear axle. Something had to give...and that was the bottom of the passenger seat. Once that had gone, I was able to locate the chip mid-ships and the cables route all became more straight forward.


Next job was the lighting kit. Used Blutack to stick the chip to the underside of the rear parcel shelf. Soldering the thin SI wires to the LEDs was more straightforward than expected. Again, Blutacked the wires to the body to keep them out of the way of moving parts. Re-fitted the body and...voila!



I'm chuffed that it all worked, my first lighting installation. Need to finish off the car now (exhausts, wheel spinners, rear indicators) and then go back over all the installation and tidy up the wiring to ensure it stays out of the way, and fill in the hole in the passenger seat with blanking plate.

Then it is just the minor job of getting the car to run competitively, including sorting out the wobbly front wheels...!

I love puttering with gears
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Looks fabulous - all ready for a twilight race  Thumbup

Interested to see how you get the wobble out of those stub axles at the front. I am sure there is a tutorial online somewhere.

Yes, think it involves brass that's not going to happen!

Need to invent a non-scratch solution for bodgers.

I love puttering with gears

Just for fun during lockdown I wanted a slot car version of my car.

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