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Lockdown 2020 - WHO Racing Show & Tell

Today I will mainly be finishing my George Turner Mclaren M1A


Made a few mistakes along the way,and wrestled with the decals....

Its kept me busy and expanded my model making skills in these strange times...

Needs a bit of test tracking to sort out the handling as its no lightweight but its low...

This is as good as it will look as its going racing....

Time for a beer or two Beer Beer
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That is stunning Mike! I love all the detailing, including the red highlights on the dashboard. I’m sure it’ll be quick too.
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Fly Ferrari 250LM with original plastic push-on wheels

And with PSR aluminium wheels
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Unbelievably, I actually haven't done anything slot related since lockdown started which has been over a month for us now.

Last weekend, I did make a start on tidying the shed. These photos were taken prior to starting just to show how ridiculous the mess has got in there. I've already filled two bags of rubbish including AFX loops and orange crash barriers. 

I've also give Laurence all of the Micro track that was cluttering my space up! 

If anyone would like, has a need for or wants a crate load of Artin 1/43rd track just let me know. 

I have been filling my time with sim racing, working from home and reading which has been nice. 

When I do get round to slots, my first jobs will be to reinforce and repair the fragile wings on the reconstructed Super G F1 cars.

We have been doing a lot of 3D printing but simply downloading the wanted designs from Thingiverse and not doing any design work. I have had a great idea though for a large body clip piece which will fit on an AFX chassis and enable me to run a Powertrack body on it. I'll post photos when I do it. Should be a reasonably simple job. The wheels will look small compared to the original though.

Hope you are all keeping safe and doing well. 


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Thank goodness, I thought I was the only one with a huge mess!
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I think mess generated in a slot space is a universal constant of some description!  Bigsmile
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A quick update...

The two June dates have now been cancelled, but we'll wait to hear the government's plans for the gradual lifting of the lock down before making a decision on July onwards.

For those either at high risk or having close relatives at high risk, their return to the Barn might be delayed for some considerable time. That is one of the reasons to set up some mail-in proxy drag racing, for which details can be found here:

That's it for now.
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A few days ago i was mainly giving some nascar bodies a good going over with isopropanol and a tooth brush...

The club nascar fleet is a bit shy of red,orange and white liveries....

I thought giving that I have a bit of spare time I"d delve into the dark arts of airbrushing....

Welcome to another steep learning curve and plenty of opportunity for hours of surfing/research...

Anyway,after a few trys I Managed to get an even coat of primer on...

I am normally a rattle can boy and have had some good results....this airbrush maylarky is a new skill to learn...

Think i"ll go back to one of the best primers Tamiya's surface primer....
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Its a lockdown NASCAR club car update.....

Getting to grips with an airbrush after being a rattle can urchin takes some adjusting....
Suppressing the temptation to hose it on has been hard....
Its tamiya Lacquer paint thinned and sprayed out of the shed doorway,not the best dust free environment..
Its the first attempt at a graduated colour scheme...white was on first then the yellow..


Blimey the wheels where a real test of trying to mist coat


Only the black details to do..and a clear shiney top coat..then a letter all the way from downunder..


Can't wait to get decaling...I love it..
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More filthy lockdown show and tells...

Simon very kindly donated to the club a GT40 scrapyard....

I have managed to save 4 of them and just completed the final one..

Had a manky REV G with a damaged LED,so desoldered the plastic plug and led
makes for a slimmer fit..
I quite enjoyed the final ferite man...hes sporting a turned plastic bush led holder
to insert in those overly large holes in the early GT40s chassis..oh matron..
I did notice that his arms where the wrong way round and corrected his legs..


A very tight and tidy instalation,mind you i I had three goes at it..


So we now have a Goodwood club car rotation selection..
Thanks Simon,and also to Terry who donated the Chapperal...


Fingers crossed that covid19 has been suppressed and we can go racing in Sept..
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