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Goodwood Round Two

7 drivers beat their PB’s.
Peter ‘I would have had him on the last bend anyway’ Rix, took on the relentless twins (Terry & Paul) separately, Terry in heat 5 when they were so close the whole race until Terry on lap 24 lifted out on the straight before the last bend letting Peter take the win…
D Final:    Mark picked red that he had set his PB on earlier and Ian choose green where he set his PB earlier. Mark lead all the way claiming him blue in the C final, Ian, who is now getting more familiar with the circuit had 3 off’s and finished 2 laps down.  
C Final:    Ken flew into the lead only to lose it all on lap 3, Ralph also was off on lap 3 putting him in 4th and Ken 3rd, while all this was going on Andy jumped into the lead with Mark 2nd. Ken hauled himself back into the lead by lap 12 and held onto it taking 1st. Andy and Mark were at it until lap 13 when both popped out separately but Andy kept it together and took 2nd spot, Ralph was gaining on Mark only to drop it on lap 19 sending him further behind but Mark replied with an off on lap 20 and Ralph ended up 3rd and Mark 4th. Quite an eventful final…
B Final:    Peter took on the other relentless twin Paul, again they were so close with Peter just ahead nearly the whole race I think it was about lap 22 or 23 when Paul as ever, stepped the pressure up and I think got passed Peter it was the last lap and Peter also came off. So, Paul 1st Peter 2nd. Stuart was hanging in there until he came off on lap 12 dropping him further back taking 3rd place and Ken, who was struggling and had a couple of long off’s ended 4th.
A Final:    From the off Jim was pulling away from us all, he had a little blip on lap 21 but it was never going to stop him winning, I just stayed ahead of the twins till lap 5 when I came out dropping to 4th, Terry stayed ahead of Paul until lap 13 when I managed to pass Paul who then helped my situation by him coming off on lap 16. But I couldn’t catch Terry who came 2nd myself 3rd and Paul 4th.
Next week is Touring/Saloons
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