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New date for the 2020 1/43 Little Monte Carlo Rally Proxy

The rally will now start on SUNDAY 19th JULY 2020.
These are the RULES for the 2020 1/43 Little Monte Carlo Rally Proxy.
The event will take place on the Little Monte slot rally track in Norfolk UK starting on Sunday 19th July 2020.
The track is a scenic single lane routed MDF rally stage with a track length of approximately 85 feet. The layout is 14' x 3' and the height difference between the lowest and highest points on the track is 5'.
The track has copper tape, so traction magnets will have no aeffect.
This is a mountain rally stage built for 1/43 scale slot cars and is very loosely based on the Col de Turini in the French Alps. The track is challenging to drive and the fastest lap time so far has been around 25 seconds.
*NOTE*: This is a rally proxy and, as such, your cars will driven as quickly as is reasonably possible around a very twisty and sometimes rough stage that is 6' from the floor at it's highest point. The speeds are slower than that of a racetrack, and most 'offs' usually just result in a spin rather than a fall. I have never had any cars damaged whilst driving on this track but the possibility is always there, so please bear this in mind before entering!
Entree fee: 10 British Pounds (up to 3 cars max.). To cover return postage.
The Classes: ( to be run separately)
Ready to run.
Scratchbuilt scale models.
READY to RUN CLASS, eg. Carrera GO, SCX Compact, WRC, Jouef, Artin, etc. Must be a rally car.
Standard/stock except for:
Urethane rear tyres, Essential!
Coat front tyres with varnish or CA glue.
Add weight to chassis. Note* The winning car in 2018 weighed 58 grammes, but any weight over about 38 grammes seem to work ok.
Fit swivel guide, preferably one of Pfuetze's guides from Shapeway as they are short and deep, which helps the car through tight turns.
Cars with pin guides have completed laps in the past, but spin out too easy, so are rarely competitive!
Note! Whatever guide used, the front wheels must touch the track and the guide must be able to turn to at least 70 degrees each way.
Important note: Cars in the scratchbuilt class MUST be a scale model of an actual car that competed on the Monte Carlo Rally between 1950 and 1986.
No oversized diameter wheels/tyres and no body mods unless photographic evidence show the 1/1 car with the same nodifications. (Experience has shown that low, wide cars can be a disadvantage on this track where speeds are fairly low)
Body, hard plastic or resin, no vacforms, and have clear windows.
Interior, must have interior and 2 crew.
Chassis, free, with added weight as needed. Note, the winning car last time weighed 58 grammes, as does my main test car, but one of my other test cars weighs 37 grammes and gets round the track ok.
Wheels, free, but of scale diameter for the car.
Tyres, rubber or urethane.
All of the Scratchbuilt class cars will be entered in the Concours event.
In both classes, any loose body mount screws must be taped over.
All cars will be driven for as many test laps as needed to establish their best voltage settings, and at least 5 timed laps, the best laptime counting in the final result.
Any questions, feel free to PM me or ask on this thread.
Have fun!
Regards, Lloyd.
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I was able to run some cars on the Little Monte track for the first time this year today!





Did have some problems with the local traffic though!


Regards, Lloyd
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Due to the uncertainty of International postal services at the moment, the LAST day for posting/mailing your cars for the
2020 1/43 Little Monte Carlo Rally Proxy.
is 22/8/2020
The event will take place when all cars arrive!
Time to get building if you have not already done so! [Image: 1f642.png][Image: 1f642.png][Image: 1f642.png]
Lets hope that we get them all by October!

Regards, Lloyd
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I wrote the date wrongly at first! It is 22 August!!!

I have corrected it in the posts now!

Regards, Lloyd
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Wow! I have just received a parcel from Austria containing these beauties from Peter Pfister as his entries for the 2020 1/43 Little Monte Carlo Rally Proxy!

As I want to run them all, I am increasing the number of cars allowed per team to 5. This is not a compulsory number, if you wish to send 1 or 2 cars, that is fine as well!


Regards, Lloyd
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