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News Presto Park Round 1 race 6 American Muscle

Good afternoon all

Hope your all enjoying this terrible weather period and using the time well preparing for the years slot racing. Quack Quack.

Last night we had our first clockwise race for the American Muscle/ Nascar class.

Happy birthday to Gordon and thanks for the cakes.

It appeared that a lot of club members had spent some time prepping their cars for this class as the speed and handling for many had improved greatly. We had some very close races through out the night/

With 17 drivers in attendance, it was great to see such a variation of cars used.

The heats passed very quickly and with Averill missing again due to Mike and Averill's pending holiday we all landed up making our own tea.
Over the evening we seemed to land up having two groups, Those below 7.7 seconds to those over 7.7 seconds per lap.

After our tea break and sorting out the lane choices for the finals, the racing started again

As normal Richard and James E had to leave before the Finals started leaving Ray being promoted straight to the E final which is where we start.

Final E

On the Grid we have just 3 drivers, Ray, Gordon and Alf.
The lights went out and all 3 drivers started at a steady pace along with a few minor incidents it wasn't long before the positions were decided and after 25 laps the result was: -

1. Gordon
2. Alf
3. Ray

Final D.

On the grid tonight we have Gordon, Keith, Ken and Lyle 
Some of the drivers were down in unfamiliar surroundings  as normally in one of the top 2 finals.
The lights went out and all cars raced away and it wasn't long before Keith broke down with no drive leaving the other 3 to fight it out for the places.
No major action here tonight 
Lyle managed to break away with Ken chasing.
So after 25 laps The result was: -

1. Lyle
2. Ken
3. Gordon
4. Keith

Final C

Lyle moved up to take his place on the grid with Tone, Richard T, and Iain M.
Again the lights went out and all four raced away for twenty five laps of fast racing. After a couple of laps Lyle found his form and started to pull away with Richard T chasing hard but not able to make any inroads to the speed of Lyles car.
This left Tone and Iain M racing for the lower places.
After 25 laps the result was: -

1. Lyle
2.Richard T
3. Tone
4. Iain M

Final B

Lyle took his second promotion of the night to line up alongside James H, Mike, and Ian R.
The lights went out and very quickly Mike took the lead from Lyle leaving James H trying to keep pace and Ian R chasing him hard.
This was a close race right from the start to the finish and the leading to finishing within a split second of each other.
Thus giving us the result of : -

1. Lyle
2. Mike
3. James H
4. Ian R

Final A

The nights big one and again the best drivers were here to give us we hoped the race of the night, but it was an anticlimax after the closeness of Final B.
On the grid we had Lyle after his third promotion to line up with Steve, Andy, and Alan 
Once the lights went out it began as a close race, but some it became a challenge between Andy and Alan with Steve and Lyle in the mix, again after a few laps the race settled down to see who could lap the fastest and stay ahead without making any mistakes.
So after the 25 laps and places swapping practically every lap the result was: -

1. Andy
2. Steve
3. Lyle
4. Alan

The championship points for the night are as follows: -

Andy                      25 + 1pt for fastest lap 6.860 secs

Steve                     23

Lyle                       21

Alan                      20

Mike                     19

James H              18

Ian R                    17

Richard T             16

Tone                    15

Iain M                  14

Ken                     13

Gordon                12

Keith                    11

Alf                        10

Ray                       9

Richard E             8

James E              7

Another great nights racing here at Presto

May we all wish Mike and Averill a great holiday in the Artic circle and look forward to seeing you both back in March.

Next week we come to the end of our first round races with the Formula 1 class and expect to see some of the new NSR F1 cars on the grid.

Have a great week 
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